Get 10% Discount on Your Form 2290 Filings

Get 10% Discount on Your Form 2290 Filings
Get 10% Discount on Your Form 2290 Filings

Whoa boy – it’s that time of year, isn’t it? And we don’t mean summer break, because we’re all still working!

We mean it’s time to e-file form 2290! Wait a second, you’re not e-filing? Well, trust us when we say it’s better than paper filing. And by adding our promo code, it’s even sweeter getting 10% off your filing fee.

E-File Form 2290

So why should you e-file? Since your 2290 is due every year, you should know that it’s a headache. But instead of letting it frustrate you, you just need to e-file this year!

You only have to wait a few minutes after filing your IRS Form 2290. Schedule 1 will arrive shortly after!

First of all, e-filing is fast. You’ll get your stamped Schedule 1 in a few minutes after your return is accepted by the IRS. You’ll also get access to our state-of-the-art features, like the TruckZone, where you can manage multiple trucks from one account.

We also offer multi-user access feature, allowing you to share tax filing responsibilities throughout your company, without ever sharing the same login credentials.

How Can I Save 10%?

It’s pretty simple, you only need to use our promo code: ETT10, and you’ll get a 10% discount from your e-filing fee.

You’ll still owe your full tax amount, but it never hurts to save some money on a filing fee!

So sign up today, and let’s get e-filing! If you have any questions about e-filing your IRS Form 2290, our customer support specialists are here to help!


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