Get IRS Approval: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Okay, Trucking Nation. It’s hard to believe it, but there’s less than two weeks until the HVUT Form 2290 filing deadline! With so little time left, it can be tempting–especially on a #ManicMonday morning–to want to file as quickly as possible and get it out of the way!

But in our haste, we need to be careful not to make careless mistakes! A rejected return only means having to do it all over again, and no one wants that.

Yet there’s always a silver lining! By E-filing with ExpressTruckTax instead of paper-filing, you’re already much less likely to make a mistake! We have built-in error checks and an Instant Audit that ensures your return is fit-to-be-filed before you transmit it. Pieces of paper can’t do that! You’ve also got the Support Heroes at your every beck and call, expertly answering all of your tax questions. So there’s no reason to file blindly and hope you’ve got it right!

Of course, with hundreds of thousands of E-filers out there, the occasional mistake does slip through! So here are five mistakes to avoid, straight from the E-filing experts themselves!

  • 1. Incorrect First-Used Month: This error may not get your return rejected, but it will cause issues when it comes time to get your tags. The tax year for HVUT begins July 1st. This means that for all renewals (trucks that have been in use already), the first-used month is automatically July, even if you’re filing in August. The only time you’d choose a later month is if the truck is purchased after the beginning of the tax year. For example, if you purchase a new truck in September, then that would be the first-used month.
  • 2. Name or EIN Mismatch: Your name, business name, and EIN must match exactly what the IRS has on file. If any of these are different, the return will be rejected. If you are unsure of the name or EIN on file, you should quickly call the IRS to verify. The IRS EIN Hotline is 1-800-829-4933.
  • 3. EIN Not Registered: So you’ve already registered for an EIN, but the IRS isn’t showing any record of it. This is normal if your EIN is new. It takes up to 10 business days for the new EIN to be entered into their system. This means that today is the last call for registering a new EIN in time to E-file! Apply for one online at
  • 4. VIN Errors: These 17 little digits can make or break your return! Most often, incorrect VIN numbers lead to a duplicate filing error. This occurs when you accidentally try to file a return for the same truck more than once. The IRS will only allow a VIN to be processed once within the tax year. But again, there’s good news! When using the Bulk Upload option to import your vehicle information from a CSV or Excel file, our system will let you know right away if you’re uploading duplicate VIN’s. Moreover, if your return is rejected for a duplicate filing error, our Support Heroes will help you find it and correct, all free of cost! 
  • 5. Incorrect Bank Routing #: This nine digit bank code can be found along the bottom left of a check, just before your account number. If you elect to pay your taxes by EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal), you will need to enter this information correctly, or your return may be rejected. 
If your return is rejected, you can correct it and re-transmit it to the IRS for free! But only if you E-filed with ExpressTruckTax! Just one more reason to ditch that old paper-filing! You’ll also receive your Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes of your return being accepted, something else that paper-filers miss out on.

If you’ve hit a roadblock or had your return rejected, send the Support Heroes an S.O.S. Call 704.234.6005, live chat online, or get 24/7 email support at We may be based in the small town of Rock Hill, SC, but we can help in English, Spanish, and Russian!


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