Get Ready for Tax Season with our Free Tax Calculator App!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the power of precognition–the ability to see the future!

I can think of a few ways this would come in handy, and using it for tax purposes would be super convenient!

Whenever it’s time to file taxes, whether it’s income tax or HVUT, there’s always that nervous knot in your stomach, wondering how much you’ll owe, and whether you have enough money to fork over. 
And there’s no feeling worse than filing and realizing that you need to come up with hundreds of dollars more than you expected- on the spot.

We feel your pain, Trucking Nation! That’s why we developed a way for you to accurately estimate how much heavy vehicle use tax you’ll owe, without actually filing.

We call it…wait for it…The 2290 Tax Calculator App! And yes, it’s completely free.

Download it for iOS and Android devices, and in 3 simple steps, you’ll know exactly what to expect come July 1st. Plus you’ll have the next four months to save the amount you owe the IRS.

All you’ll need on hand (besides the obvious–tablet or smartphone & Wifi) is your first-used month and gross vehicle weight.

Let’s take a look at how clean and simple this app is. It only takes about 60 second to get your HVUT estimate!

Step 1: First-Used Month

Select the first-used month for your vehicle(s). This is July for all renewals, that’s vehicles that have been on the road since the previous tax year. If your truck is new (i.e. not a renewal), then enter the month your vehicle was purchased.

Step 2: Trucks

First, select the weight category, then enter how many non-logging vehicles you have in that category. Then enter how many logging vehicles you have in that category.

If you have vehicles in a different weight category, click +Add Weight Category, and repeat the step above until all of your taxable vehicles are added.

Step 3: Your Results

All finished! You’ll see the total HVUT due and the due date. You can also enter your email address to receive a report with this data, and as a bonus, you’ll receive 10% off your E-filing with us. 

10% off your filing fee, plus peace of mind. That’s what this app gives you, and it’s all for free! 

Take advantage of these perks and more. Create your ExpressTruckTax account today and see all that our easy E-filing solution has to offer. We go above and beyond to make sure E-filing your HVUT is fast and stress-free.

Which is also why we offer dedicated, 24/7 support based right here in the USA! Things don’t always go according to plan, so when you hit a roadblock, our Support Team will be there for you. Call them now with any questions you may have at 704.234.6005.


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