Have You Received an IRS Letter About Non-Payment?

Don’t fret just yet! The IRS does this every year (we haven’t figured out why yet). If you filed close to the IRS Form 2290 deadline, there’s a good chance you’ve received one of these lovely letters from the IRS stating you never paid your 2290 tax.

Our best guess is that the IRS systems don’t communicate information all that well, especially when the volume of returns is so high. What we do know is this happens every year, and historically the IRS will send you a follow-up letter in a couple of weeks telling you the first letter was sent in error. So before you panic or throw this letter away, please double check to be sure the full tax amount was paid:

Why Would The IRS Send me a Letter?

It is likely an error on their end, but you always want to make sure. Before you panic or brush off the notice take the following steps:

Have You Received an IRS Letter About Non-Payment?1. Check how you chose to pay the IRS. (EFW, EFTPS, Credit/Debit, Or check/money order)

2. If you chose Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) check your bank statement to verify the funds were successfully drafted from your account. If they were, you should be in the clear! Wait for a follow-up letter. However, if the amount has not been removed, we encourage you to contact us. There could have been an error when entering your account information.

3. If you chose to pay the tax with a debit or credit card make sure you did make that payment separately. (Note: This payment would’ve been made outside ExpressTruckTax after you completed your filing) If you didn’t realize this or forgot to pay, you can pay through Official Payments.

Always Happy To Help!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 704-234-6005. We are always happy to help!

If you still need to file your Form 2290 click here. It is wise to file as soon as possible even if you can’t make the full IRS payment.


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