How Much Does Form 2290 Cost?

Need to know what you will be paying this year for Form 2290? Find out how to calculate your HVUT today.

Hey, it’s ExpressAmber, and a lot of times we get the question of how much is my Form 2290? How much does it cost? And there’s kind of two answers here. Number one is the tax payment portion of it, and the tax payment is based on your first use month and your gross weight.

So every year, July would be your first use month. If you’re on the road over and over, July is the first use month of the tax year. And if your gross weight is over 75,000 pounds up to 80 or 90, your tax due is going to be $550.

If you go to, we have a tax calculator where you can plug in your first use month and your gross weight, which again starts at 55,000 pounds and goes to over 75,000 pounds. So you can plug in whatever your gross weight is.

Your gross weight is your truck, your trailer, and the maximum that you can haul. And so you plug in those two pieces of information, and it calculates how much your tax would be. So that’s a really cool tool for you to figure out what your tax due is going to be.

And then the second piece of that is the filing fee. Now, ExpressTruckTax, we’ve been around for over 12 years. We’re the number one IRS-authorized e-file provider in the trucking industry. And to file for one truck, it’s $14.90, again one of the lowest in the industry.

Not only that, but we do have a full support team here ready to answer any questions that you have. So if you do have questions about your tax gross weight or your tax amount, we are here for you, and it comes with that price.

So, the price to file your 2290 is based on the number of trucks. We have one truck, two trucks, three to twenty-four trucks, 25 to 100. So, there are lots of different categories that you might fit into, but they’re all very reasonably priced. And again, we’ve built ExpressTruckTax to be safe for you and for your company and for your information.

So, you just come on, create an account, put in your business information, your truck information, and then we do the rest. We calculate it for you, we transmit it to the IRS, and you’ll just get an email back when it’s been accepted. You’ll get your stamped Schedule 1, and then you’re good to go.

So those are the two pieces when we’re talking about, well, how much is my 2290 going to be? The tax payment is based on your first use month and your gross weight. And then, of course, our filing fees, we’ve already discussed those.

When it comes to paying your tax due, there are five ways that you can pay the tax, and on the IRS payment section, those will be listed out for you. We’ve got electronic funds withdrawal, which is where you enter in your bank account and your routing number. That will the IRS will automatically debit that account within one to two business days once the return has been accepted.

The next is a credit card. With ExpressTruckTax, the benefit of doing that is number one, it’s going on a credit card. Number two, when you do it through ExpressTruckTax, you don’t have to re-enter all of your information again. It’s just one and done. We also offer the credit card through the IRS system, which again, you’ve got to go to a different site, re-enter all of your payment information, and pay with the credit card there.

We also have the EFTPS. If you have this account set up, perfect. If you do not and you want to get it set up, now is the time because it does take about 15 days to get that account set up with the IRS. And then the last is a check or money order. So again, this option is very manual. You have to write a check or money order out and mail it to the IRS before August 31st. But that’s the five payment methods that we offer through ExpressTruckTax.

You can reach us at our email supported, phone 704-234-6005, and we have a live chat option as well at There’s a little bubble down there on the right-hand side. You can click that, and we’ll answer.

So, I look forward to helping you soon. If you have not filed your 2023-2024 Form 2290, go to, login to your account, click pre-file, and be done in literally less than five minutes. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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