How The Trucking Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable This Earth Day

Find out how the trucking industry is becoming more sustainable this Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2022 is Earth Day! A day about celebrating the planet we call home. As part of an effort to help to save this wonderful world, many industries are striving to reduce their emissions. The Trucking Industry accounts for nearly a quarter of the emissions in the United States. In spite of this, the industry has been shifting towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the past few years. 

In order to help the trucking industry become more sustainable, there have been many strides made toward this goal.

Reduction of Trucks Driving With Empty or Less Than Full Loads

When a truck drives with an empty or less than full load, not only is it not cost-effective, but it also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. When a truck has a full load, it is more cost-efficient for customers and makes sure that our transportation resources are being utilized to their full potential. 

Improvement of Truck Aerodynamics

If a truck is more aerodynamic it can not only reduce a truck’s drag but can make the vehicle more efficient overall. Redesigning a truck’s shape, and the distance between the truck and the trailer, among other factors that are constantly being improved. Improving trucks like this can shorten delivery times and potentially help decrease the amount of fuel consumed. 

Advanced Technology

Advancements in technology have allowed trucks to have sensors that collect data such as idle times for truck engines and even tire pressure and analyze it to improve the entire transportation industry.  Some advancements in technology can even help with route planning. This software can analyze data to predict weather conditions and traffic to help drivers choose the best route that consumes the least amount of fuel and is more time-efficient. 

Alternative Fuel Sources

This is one of the most discussed ways to help reduce emissions in the trucking industry. Many companies are pushing toward more eco-friendly fuel options such as biodiesel, but the push towards getting electric vehicles has been a major focus. Many automotive companies are pushing to make electric and alternative fuel vehicles more accessible to the trucking industry as a whole since electric vehicles have lower carbon emissions.

How You Can Make A Difference This Earth Day?

We all have to remember that Earth is important and how we take care of it is up to us. Making sure truckloads are full and trucks are not left sitting idle can be one way to reduce carbon emissions but there are many more. The trucking industry is very important and helps people get the goods they need. Everyone has a role to play in helping the environment, including those in the trucking industry. 


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