How to Add Sold/Destroyed/Stolen Credit Vehicles

Hello, truckers! Do you have any taxable vehicles that were sold, destroyed, or stolen before June 1 of the current tax year? If you do, and they were not used for the remainder of the tax period, you’re able to claim a prorated credit or refund for some of the taxes paid. We’re here to tell you how!

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Once you click Start New Return on your ExpressTruckTax dashboard, a pop-up will appear with three options to create a new tax return. Select Form 2290. (If you wish to receive a check from the IRS instead of credit, you can select Form 8849 Schedule 6.)

2. To reach the Sold/Destroyed section, fill out required information in the steps leading up to it:

  • Select which month your vehicle was first used.
  • Enter any taxable or suspended vehicles that you are filing for.
  • Add a suspended vehicle of the prior year if applicable. 
  • Once you’re there, select Add Credit Vehicle. 

Note: If you sold a truck and are adding a new truck, the credit amount from the truck sold will be applied to the tax amount owed on the new truck. In addition, if you are filing for a credit for a sold vehicle, there is a new regulation that requires you to enter in the name and address of the person who purchased the truck.

3. Provide the required vehicle details in the fields below, including your VIN number, taxable gross weight, and loss event, then click Save. 

We hope these instructions are beneficial to you, but if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can call our support team at 704.234.6005 or email them at

Remember, Trucking Nation, we’re here for you!


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