How To Correct A VIN Error After The Deadline

Did you put the wrong VIN on your Form 2290 return? Fix this mistake now, for no extra charge!

Imagine this: the 2023-24 Form 2290 deadline has passed and you have filed for Form 2290. But was the VIN you entered correct?

If not, then you will need to file an amendment to fix this mistake and receive a valid stamped Schedule 1 for your vehicle. 

Why Is Having The Correct VIN Important?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17 digit number that is used to distinguish and identify every vehicle. Since the VIN is a unique code that every vehicle has, no two vehicles can have the same one.

The VIN of your vehicle can be found on the truck’s registration and title documents, or on the vehicle itself.

Having the correct VIN is important because, on the stamped Schedule 1 (proof of filing), you need to have the correct code for your specific truck in order for it to be valid. 

How Do You Fix An Incorrect VIN?

To fix an incorrect VIN, you will need to file an amendment to change the VIN on your return.

The VIN correction amendment has no deadline, but you need to complete it quickly in order to receive a valid stamped Schedule 1 for your vehicle.

File VIN Amendment with ExpressTruckTax Now!

When you file your VIN Correction Amendment with ExpressTruckTax, you will not face any additional charges!

If you filed the original Form 2290 return with ExpressTruckTax, filing your VIN Correction Amendment is quick, easy, and FREE! ExpressTruckTax understands how easy it can be to mess up a 17 digit sequence and we don’t want you to pay anymore than you already have to.

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