How to file a Form 2290 Amendment?

A Form 2290 Amendment is quite simply, an adjustment or modification to the IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes.
Common reasons to file a Form 2290 amendment include:
1. VIN Corrections – A VIN correction would need to be filed if an error was made on the 2290 when entering the 17 character Vehicle Identification Number
2. Taxable Gross Weight Increase – If a 2290 was filed with an incorrect gross weight listed for the vehicle
3. Mileage Exceeded – If a Form 2290 was filed, as a “Suspended Vehicle” and it exceeded the 5,000 mile threshold
The easiest way to file this form is online through As an IRS approved E-File provider, ExpressTruckTax can E-File a 2290 Amendment in just minutes! You can even file a VIN correction for Free. Simply choose the Form 2290 Amendments option as shown below.
To learn more and get started, you can go to and E-File your amendment or contact the Truck Tax Experts at 704.234.6005 or Email at


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