New Year, Same Taxes: How To File Your IFTA Taxes

There's a quick way to generate your IFTA report online!

It’s a new year! That means New Year’s resolutions and new opportunities to grow.

The last thing you want to think about is the same old taxes.

Well… we’re here to remind you that despite all the new things, the 4th quarter IFTA fuel tax deadline is still coming up on February 1, 2021.

Sad? Don’t be. There’s a way to finish your IFTA reporting fast to avoid IFTA tax late penalties and interest. Here’s everything you need to know to generate your report in time.

Finish IFTA Reporting Before the Deadline

The International Fuel Tax Agreement

The International Fuel Tax Agreement was created to simplify fuel reporting by qualified vehicles operating in more than one jurisdiction.

You’re going to need to complete IFTA filing if you have a qualified vehicle, which is any vehicle designed, maintained, and/or used to transport people or property.

In addition, qualified vehicles have:

–  Two axles and a gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 pounds or
–  Two axles and a registered weight exceeding 26,000 pounds or
–  Three or more or
–  A combination weight exceeding 26,000 pounds.

Thanks to the International Fuel Tax Agreement, you’ll only have to file your IFTA tax with your base jurisdiction, which is where your vehicle is registered.

Each jurisdiction has different IFTA filing rules, so be sure to check this list

IFTA Reporting

IFTA reporting is filed 4 times a year with your base jurisdiction to ensure the proper allocation of fuel tax.

Keep track of your IFTA fuel tax mileage and fuel records to help IFTA reporting go smoothly each deadline.

To complete your IFTA fuel tax, you’ll need your business details, vehicle details, and miles & fuel records.

Trucker using ExpressIFTA for IFTA  fuel tax.

These records include:

–  Total miles (taxable and nontaxable) traveled in all states, regardless of whether or not they participate in IFTA, including all trip permit miles
–  Total gallons/liters of fuel consumed (taxable and nontaxable) in all states, regardless of whether or not they participate in IFTA
–  Total miles and total taxable miles traveled in each member jurisdiction
–  Total taxable gallons consumed in each member jurisdiction
–  Tax-paid gallons/liters purchased in each member jurisdiction
–  Current tax rates for each member jurisdiction This information is necessary for generating your IFTA tax return.  

Generate IFTA Reports Online

If this sounds like a lot of work, we’ve got a solution.

Simply generate your IFTA report online this quarter with ExpressIFTA, and then you can e-file with your jurisdiction in minutes.

ExpressIFTA is the sister product to ExpressTruckTax… in fact, if you have an ExpressTruckTax account, you already have one for ExpressIFTA!

Simply select the “IFTA” tab at the top of the home page, and log in with your ExpressTruckTax credentials.

With features like Trip Sheets, Quick Entries, and GPS Upload, you can upload fuel & mileage records quickly for multiple vehicles. You can even enter records into the system daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to update your IFTA tax return at any time.

Best of all, ExpressIFTA does all of the calculated IFTA tax calculations for you! No need to crunch the numbers old-school style.

This IFTA reporting software even checks for basic errors on your IFTA tax return. Time is running out. Generate your IFTA report online now through your ExpressTruckTax account!  


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