How To Keep Your Form 2290 From Being Rejected By The IRS

The IRS may reject a return for various reasons, but there are 4 main reasons we at ExpressTruckTax run into.

1. Business Name or EIN does not match what the IRS has on file.

The Business Name and EIN must match exactly what the IRS has on file. For most owner-operators, your name will be your Business Name because that is what is on your title – it just makes it easier. The IRS no longer accepts social security numbers as an EIN. If you have forgotten what business name or ein that is registered with the IRS, you can call their EIN hotline to find out. Just dial 1-800-829-4933. If you do not have an EIN, you can easily apply for one online at

2. Duplicate filing

The IRS will only accept one filing for a specific truck, meaning, you can’t file twice for one vehicle. When filing through ExpressTruckTax, you can see what trucks you have filed for already on your Dashboard page. It is best to call the IRS Excise Tax Hotline if you get this error message – the number is 1-866-699-4096.

3. Bank Routing number is incorrect

It happens, where you put in a wrong number for your Bank Routing information. The best thing to do is call your bank and make sure you have the correct routing number and compare it to the number you entered into the payment information. You can log into your ExpressTruckTax account an double check the payment information you entered.

4. EIN has not registered in the IRS system yet.

If you get a brand new EIN, it takes up to 10 business days to register in the IRS system before you can file. You will get an error message that says your EIN does not match what the IRS has in their system, but that is because it has not been entered into their records yet.

Before you begin filing your Form 2290 HVUT make sure to have all the correct business information. If you choose to pay by Electronic Funds Withdraw, where the IRS payment comes directly out of your bank account, make sure you have the correct routing and account number.

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