How Truckers Go Green

ExpressTruckTax explains how truckers go green

In 2018 the trucking industry is expected to boom with increased pay for drivers. As the industry grows over the next 30 years an increase of 45% of goods will need to be transported, so more trucks will have to be put on the road to meet that demand.

However, you may wonder how this could impact the environment. Part of enjoying the open road means getting to see the natural sites mother nature has crafted for us, from mountains, lakes, and more. Learn how to go green to do your part to protect our natural wonders. Plus, must of these tips involve saving tons of fuel.

How Truckers Go Green

Look At How You Drive

Burning through your fuel is a costly mistake that can increase harmful emissions, so how can you save? The first step is as easy as slowing down a little. Every time you go 5 mph over 60 it’s costing you about $0.20 extra per gallon of fuel, so just by slowing your pace a little you will start to see immediate savings.

Also, it can be easy to get caught up in expensive, aggressive driving habits. Quickly accelerating and slamming on your breaks destroys your fuel! Ease up a little while starting and stopping to improve your efficiency.

Know Where You’re Going

Part of reducing emissions requires cutting down on the number of times you make wrong turns and have to turn around. You also don’t want to get confused at your pick-up and drop-off locations, because you could end up circling the facility five or more times while trying to figure out where you’re supposed to go.

Use a GPS system or truck routing software like ProMiles to figure out exactly where you’re going in advance then pay attention to the directions. You can also use Google Maps to reference satellite images of your route. This way you can be sure that it avoids small, congested areas of downtown.

Another great thing to do is avoid congested routes, especially during rush hour traffic. Plus, it’s always beneficial to avoid areas undergoing construction.


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Consider If You Really Need To Idle

Idling your truck is costly to the environment and really burns through your fuel. Some trucks use more than half a gallon every hour, so before you idle think about if the cost is worth it or not.

However, we understand that it gets rather hot and cold outside and you need to stay warm or cool. That’s why you should consider getting an auxiliary generator or using the power supply at your favorite truck stops.

Take Care Of Your Truck

You love your truck. It takes you to some amazing places, so it’s important to take care of it. Reduce the chances of it breaking down and save more fuel by giving it regular vehicle maintenance and tune-ups.

Change your oil, change your air filter, check your A/C tubes, are more! All of the time spent maintaining your truck will reduce emissions and help to improve your fuel efficiency. Plus, it will help your beloved truck live longer, so why not spend a little extra time under the hood?

Enjoy The Greener Life

Living as a green trucker not only will help protect the environment but can also help fill your wallet with more green stuff too. Becoming green is a great way to do your part to protect your favorite scenery on the open road as well as save you tons of fuel!

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