Human Trafficking Awareness Month: How Truckers Can Help

ExpressTruckTax partners with Truckers Against Trafficking

Today, January 11th, marks National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and it’s probably the most important day of January, which is actually Human Trafficking Awareness month. The purpose of this month is to help provide education about the signs of human trafficking and to encourage people to take the simple steps to put an end to this terrible, growing problem.

Estimations suggest that there are over 40 million slaves today, with hundreds of thousands cases reported across the nation. Each state has a rising number of victims, so please take a moment to see how you can help.

Human Trafficking Awareness Month: How Truckers Can Help

A lot of human slaves are ushered along America’s highways and are found at truck stops, motels, and more. Sometimes they are dubbed as lot lizards and shrugged off, even though they are there against their own will.

This is why we need truckers to become heroes by recognizing the signs of human trafficking and doing their part to put an end to it. All you have to do is make a simple phone call to save the lives of innocent women and children who are forced into labor.

The call should be made to the National Human Trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Anti-Trafficking Hotline advocates will be available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking. You can also text, email, or submit a report online.

ExpressTruckTax has partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking to help educate the country about the signs of human trafficking. So, as the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways what signs should you look out for?

Human Trafficking Signs

1. If a traveler isn’t dressed appropriately

If a woman or child is dressed in suggestive clothing with little to no personal items, if the clothes are the wrong size, or for the wrong season should be a concerning.

2. If they’re branded

Human slaves will often have tattoos on their necks of a barcode of their pimp’s name, which serves as their brand.

3. They’re confused about their location

Many human slaves aren’t told where they are. They won’t be able to tell you about the area and may claim they’re just visiting.

4. Their stories are inconsistent

Human slaves may seem like they are reciting a script they were told to say with missing or inconsistent information. They will also seem nervous and anxious, as they are often being watched. They will never want to discuss themselves and may seem as if they’re hiding something.

5. They won’t be allowed to move on their own

Human slaves are watched extremely closely and will be escorted to the bathroom and any other place they need to go. They aren’t trusted to freely roam.

ExpressTruckTax thanks truckers Against Trafficking for their hard work to save lives

Reporting Cases

When you report a possible human trafficking event be sure to provide as many details as possible. Take note of the locations, date, and time. Then try to describe the trafficker’s vehicles with details such as the color, make, model, and license plate number.

Often times a human trafficker’s vehicle like an RV will have tinted or boarded up windows, so you won’t be able to see the truth about what’s happening inside.

If possible you will also want to include descriptions of all the people you see. Include their hair color, height, weight, what they’re wearing, and eye color if possible. Taking photos always helps.

Thank You For Helping

ExpressTruckTax already thanks truckers for being the nation’s heroes by sacrificing their time to keep our economy moving forward. Now you can save the day in an even bigger way, by spreading awareness about human trafficking and by doing your part to help put an end to it.

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