HVUT Form 2290 Is Due Tomorrow, File NOW!

HVUT Form 2290 Deadline

Whoa, it’s time to get moving! Your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 is due tomorrow, by August 31 at midnight. The deadline is here! That means you’re literally running out of time to file without facing major penalties.

We know this puts you in quite a state of urgency, but stay calm. You can file Form 2290 in a matter of minutes with ExpressTruckTax. Plus, to help you file even faster we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and provided the answers.

HVUT Form 2290 FAQs

1. What is my first use month?

Your first use month is literally the first month that you use your heavy vehicle during the tax period. The current HVUT period runs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 and form 2290 is due based off of your first use month.

To be specific, it’s due by the last day of the month following your first use month. Because most truckers use their trucks in July, it’s their first use month and that makes August 31st their deadline day. However, if you don’t use your truck until October then your Form 2290 wouldn’t be due until the last day of November.

2. Can I pay the amount of HVUT I owe with a credit card?

Unfortunately, no. You can not pay the amount of HVUT you owe with a credit card because the IRS doesn’t accept credit cards.

One option is to pay with direct debit or electronic fund withdrawal, by authorizing the IRS to debit the amount you owe from your bank account. In order to do this, you will need to provide your bank account and routing number which can be found on one of your checks.

Or you can also pay with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, where you will create a free account with www.ettps.gov. The amount you owe will be debited from your bank account, but it could take up to 10 days to create your account.

You will need to schedule your payment within your account. You need to schedule at least by 8 PM the day before the deadline to give the IRS enough time to debit the funds from your account.

If you want to, you can mail the amount you owe directly to the IRS with a check or money order. Just print your completed 2290-V (your payment voucher) from page 11 of your completed 2290 form and mail it with your payment.

You only have 2 days left to file!

3. What is an EIN?

Your EIN is your Employer Identification Number, and it’s used to identify a business entity. To complete Form 2290 you need an EIN and can apply for one online with the IRS. If you already have an EIN it can be found on a previous stamped Schedule 1.

You can not use your Social Security Number in place of your EIN on HVUT Form 2290. If you use your SSN instead of your EIN your form will be rejected. If you need an EIN you better hop to it because it takes about 14 days for your EIN to become active in the IRS’s system and your form could get rejected during that time.

4. How Do I file?

It’s easy! Head to ExpressTruckTax.com and follow the step-by-step e-filing guide to complete your form in 5 minutes or less. As a result, you will receive a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 within 15 minutes via email.

Are you out on a trip without access to a computer? Then download the ExpressTruckTax mobile app to your smartphone or tablet to file at any time, from any location. ExpresstruckTax is just as mobile as you are!

Or you could call TSNAmerica at 803.386.0320 to have a local, US-based representative file for you over the phone. It’s the quickest and most convenient way to file, all you have to do is answer a few questions to complete your Form 2290. After you finish filing a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 will be sent to your email.

We’re Here To Help

If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated, US-based ExpressTruckTax support team. Give us a call Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM EST at 704.234.6005. We’re also available via live chat and offer 24/7 email support at support@expresstrucktax.com. Extend hours of phone support will be offered around the deadline.


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