How To Increase Your Trucking Client Base With DIY Marketing

Use these no-nonsense, do-it-yourself marketing techniques to increase clients.

Truck against blue sky using trucking marketing to increase client base

Whether you are just getting your own authority or you are struggling to increase your current client base, you should consider using these no-nonsense, do-it-yourself marketing techniques.

These techniques come at little or no cost to you and they don’t require a marketing guru to implement.

With just a little elbow grease, these simple marketing strategies can help increase your brand awareness and trucking client base.

Marketing evaluation

Your first step to creating a trucking marketing strategy is to look at how your business compares to other trucking operations in your community. Also, consider your level of experience compared to theirs. 

If you are a well-established trucking company with a solid reputation for delivering on time, capitalize on that fact! If you are just starting out, focus on what you excel at or what sets you apart from others, so clients can see more value from your services.

Work with other related trucking businesses within your area to cross-promote each other’s services. For instance, if you use a great factoring company, ask if they would be willing to mention you on their social media pages.

Think like a small business

It’s important to remember, especially if you just got your own authority, that you are a small business owner. You need a modern-looking website (these are surprisingly easy and cheap to create with websites like and 

You need at least one business social media account for your business (Facebook is usually best). And most importantly, you need to pay attention to how people are responding to your online presence.

Find your niche

Don’t just haul groceries or construction equipment because that’s what your buddy does. Do some research and figure out what is in demand and use social media and your website to show how you are a perfect match for that part of the trucking industry.

Client relations

Join your state trucking association and start networking with other companies in the trucking industry. 

Make sure that you are mentioning your clients on your social media accounts. Let them know if you had a good experience. Show other potential clients that you are polite and engaged. No one wants to do business with someone who comes off as grumpy.

Truck in parking lot using trucking marketing to increase client base

Mobile marketing

If you haven’t already, be sure to get your logo on your truck and trailers if possible. This is an easy way to raise brand awareness while you are simply driving around.

According to Fleet Owner, marketing on your truck and trailer is more effective than almost any other form of marketing for truckers.

However, this one isn’t really DIY.

The best option is to have your truck professionally wrapped with a graphic of your logo and phone number. It will look much better this way.

Your name and number must be large enough so people can see while driving and must be branded so it can be recognized on your website and social media.

Join local charities

Become a Toys-For-Tots drop-off location during the holiday season. Alternatively, get involved with local toy drives or charities. You will be seen doing good within your community, and your name will be noticed every time someone donates a toy to a child in need.

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