Introducing Featured Blogger: Benjamin Bellville

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce our new featured blogger – Benjamin Bellville.

With more than a million miles under his tires and 11 years of experience as a company driver, owner operator, and fleet owner, Benjamin writes with a wealth of experience.

Over the last year, Benjamin has quickly gained recognition as a prominent blogger in the transportation industry, sharing his tips, tricks, and information with the millions of drivers already on the road – and those still dreaming of their first set of keys.

Stop by often to read Benjamin’s blogs on topics affecting the world of transportation and the industry today. From compliance and regulations to the vital basics of trucking operations, Benjamin will keep you informed and on the road.

For more information about Benjamin and his other work, check out his articles on HubPages, BlogSpot, his new personal site, and as always, right here on our ExpressExcise Blog. You can also follow Benjamin on Twitter at BenjaminB35.

Thank you for stopping by and let’s keep it safe!