It’s #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation!

That means even more trucking awesome concept trucks, truck accessories, and truck-tastic apps for our road warriors.  

As the world of technology becomes bigger and bigger, the trucking industry can bring you better and safer truck accessories, concept trucks, and apps to make the industry even better.  

Because trucking is so much more than just hauling goods, it’s a livelihood and it’s the backbone of this great American Nation.

Trucking Awesome (Truck Concepts)

This week in Trucking Awesome, ECS brings a monocoque truck frame to the table.  The company aims to use this frame to reduce the weight of heavy vehicles and improve overall road performance.  

The stiffness and stability of the frame will accomplish this nicely.  Plus, with reducing the weight of the vehicle (by a whopping 30%), ECS aims to reduce the resources used in all processes of production.  

This means there will be less metal used, less fuel consumed, and a less-involved vehicle manufacturing process, all by making the frame more stable.  Plus, ECS will reduce the carbon footprints of future vehicles.  Something our environment desperately needs.  

Truck Accessories

When you’re on the road for most of the week, your truck tends to become your home.  And like a home, you need to be able to make it as comfortable as possible.  Especially since, as a trucker, you have to keep track of several different things in order to continue operating your vehicle.  

That’s where truck accessories like a laptop mount come in handy.  Instead of having your laptop in your lap and hunching over it, this system allows you to mount it in your sleeper.  That way you don’t have to hunch and struggle to remain comfortable at the expense of your back.

Since the mount is adjustable, it can work with virtually any size truck and virtually any sized laptop.  It’s a small price to pay for the added comfort of being able to sit up straight to file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

Apps for Road Warriors

Thanks to ExpressTruckTax, members of OOIDA now have their very own portal to e-file their Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes and their State-Specific IFTA.

That means members of OOIDA can e-file with ExpressTruckTax, leaders in the truck tax industry, and reap the numerous returning user benefits they offer, including their unparalleled USA-based support legends.  

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes, and most returns are accepted instantly.  And that’s it, you’ll get your Stamped Schedule 1 and get back to your life.  No paper, no calculations, and no wasting time.  Just streamlined filing for OOIDA members.

So download the app today for either Android or iOS.

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

If you find yourself with any questions about the e-filing process, we’re here for you. Just give our support legends a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/7 support in English and Spanish.


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