Kentucky cracks down on Form 2290 HVUT evasion

Kentucky is cracking down on Form 2290 compliance

Kentucky truckers! It’s now more important than ever to make sure you have filed Form 2290 for 2020-21!

According to a recent press release, the Governor of Kentucky has put almost $400,000 towards Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) compliance.

What’s the plan for enforcement?

This move is aimed to make sure every commercial motor vehicle owner is paying their fair share of road maintenance taxes. Some of the $400,000 in funds will go towards making it easier for authorities to verify truckers HVUT statuses, while the rest will go towards new equipment and training to make enforcement possible.

Apparently, authorities plan to employ enforcement blitzes at weigh stations and along bypass routes to check for HVUT compliance.

What do I need to do?

If you have already filed your Form 2290 for 2020-21, make sure you have a paper copy of your stamped Schedule 1 in the cab of your truck. That way you can prove that you have paid your taxes. And it’s probably not a bad idea to have Schedule 1s from the past several years as well. 

If you have filed with ExpressTruckTax before, you can always access your old Form 2290s and print or download a copy of your stamped Schedule 1s.

If you have not filed your Form 2290, do that right now! Do not wait. The quickest and easiest way to file your Form 2290 and get your stamped Schedule 1 back , is to e-file with ExpressTruckTax!

E-filing is the method recommended by the IRS because it allows them to process and approve your Form 2290 in the shortest amount of time. Most of our clients get their stamped Schedule 1 back in minutes. Then you can just print your Schedule 1 and stash in the cab of your truck.

Plus, with our ExpressGuarantee, we guarantee that your 2290 will be accepted by the IRS and you will get your stamped Schedule 1 back. And if your 2290 is rejected, you can retransmit as many times as you need for it to be accepted for free.


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