Obama Supports Transportation Bill to Save Jobs

President Barack Obama has once again urged Congress once more to extend the transportation bill, following a jobs report that was not very flattering of the American economy.  This message served as a warning that letting the current transportation bill expire would be an economic disaster that could be easily avoided.

Obama focused on the amount of jobs that would be furloughed and eventually removed if a decision could not be made in Congress. “Right away, over 4,000 workers would be furloughed without pay. If it’s delayed for just 10 days, we will lose nearly $1 billion in highway funding that we can never get back. And if we wait even longer, almost 1 million workers could be in danger of losing their jobs over the next year.” These jobs are literally left in the hands of Congress.  They can choose to extend the bill, or create a more long term solution, but action needs to be made regardless.

President Obama made a speech from the White House’s Rose Garden last week, in which he was joined by Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, as well as Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, and also David Chavern, the chief operating officer of the Chamber of Commerce. He gave Congress another warning at that time also, stating that letting the transportation bill expire at the end of the month would be “not acceptable” and “inexcusable.”

In his recent address, the president reiterated that thousands of workers and their families would be hurt if infrastructure projects like highway construction, bridge repair and mass transit systems were put on hold. Obama has previously spoken about renewing the transportation bill as a “no-brainer.” It is also important to note that Congress has renewed the bill seven times in the last two years, and as badly as Americans need jobs, not renewing it this time would be a grave mistake. Nonetheless, a new and sustainable bill would be the best option.

“But thanks to political posturing in Washington, they haven’t been able to extend it this time — and the clock is running out,” he said. Virginia, Minnesota and Florida are examples of states that have thousands of jobs on the chopping block, and the President argued that the decision to let the bill expire is “completely avoidable.”

“This isn’t a Democratic or a Republican issue — it’s an American issue,” he said. The president also mentioned that a group of 128 Democratic and Republican mayors have written to Congress, urging their representatives to pass the extension.

Obama also added a statement that nicely summarizes the heart of the issue: “There’s a lot of talk in Washington these days about creating jobs. But it doesn’t help when those same folks turn around and risk losing hundreds of thousands of jobs just because of political gamesmanship. We need to pass this transportation bill and put people to work rebuilding America.”

To see a video of Obama’s address urging the passage of the bill, you can check it out here. This Information has been provided by the Truck Tax Team at www.ExpressTruckTax.com.


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