OOIDA Fights for you: What You Need to Know

With over 160,000 members, OOIDA has a proven track record of influencing legitimate, positive reform.

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The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has been fighting for the rights of truckers since 1973.

By organizing the voices of small trucking operations, they have been able to effectively lobby for positive change at a state and federal level.

They have gone fought against proposed regulations that have threatened small trucking operations and won.

With over 160,000 members, they have a proven track record of influencing legitimate, positive reform.

OOIDA Success Stories


At OOIDA’s prompting, Congress investigated the problems small trucking operations were having. This led to the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) creating Truth-in-Leasing regulations.

According to transportation.gov:

“These regulations, commonly known as the truth-in-leasing regulations, required, among other things, that the authorized motor carrier fully disclose in the lease all deductions from owner-operator compensation and established requirements governing escrow funds deposited with the motor carrier to guarantee performance or cover expenses initially paid by the carrier but ultimately borne by the owner-operator.”


A 1984 OOIDA suit against Oklahoma’s ICC registration fees prompted the state of Oklahoma to lower registration fees.


OOIDA established it’s own Political Action Committee (PAC) so it could readily oppose legislation that would harm truckers.


In a lawsuit against Tennessee PSC commissioner Keith Bissell, U.S. District Judge Robert Echols sided with OOIDA. According to The JOC Group, “a number of witnesses have testified that safety violations filed by roadside inspectors would be dropped for trucking companies that made political contributions.” Ultimately, an injunction was ordered.


OOIDA stopped an attempt to lower speed limits for commercial motor vehicles.


Under influence from OODIA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ruled that drivers can see previous records when looking at new employers.

Modern Issues

But OOIDA hasn’t stopped fighting for you. Their recent work for better legislation includes:

  • ELDs
  • HOS
  • Speed Limiters
  • Compensation

In 2018, OOIDA acted on a number of these issues by:

  • Filing ELD exemption request for small trucking companies that have a proven track record of safety.
  • A lawsuit against Pennsylvania’s proposed tolls.
  • Publicly calling out Indiana’s truck-only toll plan.

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