Pros of E-filing

There are a lot of pros to e-filing
your Form 2290. First and foremost, the chance for errors is much lower,
and if any are made, you can correct them easier and faster than

is the only way you’ll receive confirmation from the IRS that your form
was received. You won’t hear anything back if you do it on paper, which
could lead to late penalties if you’re denied and don’t know it. Also,
if you’re filing for a large number of taxable heavy trucks–more than
25–the IRS requires it.

out this quote, straight from IRS Excise Tax Program Director Ricky

should take advantage of the benefits of filing Form 2290
electronically. This really isn’t new. Most taxpayers file and pay their
personal federal income taxes using a computer and this is no
different. The best part of 2290 e-file is that taxpayers will receive
their Schedule 1 almost immediately.”

The American Jobs Creation Act requires that any taxpayer who
files a Form 2290 return with respect to 25 or more vehicles for any
taxable period shall file such returns electronically.

Some e-file sites will send you an
email confirmation when your filing is finished. In addition to email
confirmation, you can also count on IRS authorized e-filers to provide
support, in case you hit any speed bumps along the way.

security, specialized knowledge; important in driving and important and
filing. An IRS authorized e-filer can provide that for you.


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