Ready. Set. E-file! 10 Last Minute E-filing Hacks

Today is the day, Trucking Nation…

All roads have lead to this fateful moment. We stand on the brink of the HVUT filing deadline, and there’s no going back! While the deadline may be September 2nd, the IRS website will be down for maintenance over this holiday weekend, and it will not reopen until deadline-day.

With their servers down at this critical time, there is a chance that the system will get backed up and that they will be unable to process all returns in time. But, there is a way to avoid this IRS traffic jam! To get your stamped Schedule 1 quickly, avoid late penalties, and have time to correct a rejected return, there’s only one


E-file today!

The success of Mission E-file by Friday rests in all of your hands! You’ve officially got 12 hours to complete the mission. Luckily, E-filing your Form 2290 will only take 10 minutes or less!

To get in, get E-filed, and get IRS approval, here are some last minute E-filing tips to maximize your efficiency and success!

1. Prepare yourself (& your Bank Account!): Using our new 2290 Tax Calculator app, available for iPad & Android tablets, you’ll be granted the power of seeing into the future! By entering your vehicles and their weights, the app will calculate how much tax you’ll owe, before you even file! And here’s the icing on the cake–after using the app, you’ll receive a Coupon Code for 10% off of your Form 2290 E-filing! The best value in the biz ($9.90 for a single truck!) just got even better!

2. Have all of your documents on hand. So you’ve used the Tax Calculator app, and you know what to expect. It’s time to get down & dirty and E-file. What do you need nearby?
  • Business name & address matching what the IRS has on file. If you’re unsure, quickly call them to verify 1-800-829-4933.
  • EIN: An Employer Identification Number registered with the IRS is required to file a return. The IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers in their place. If you don’t yet have an EIN you can register for one free through the IRS at or by calling 1-800-829-4933. Of course, if you don’t have time, our sister company Truck Services of North America can register your EIN for you- same day- relieving stress and saving your wallet from the pricey scams out there! 
  • VIN #’s: This 17 digit number is a unique code for each vehicle. If you’re new to ExpressTruckTax, you can Bulk Upload this information from a CSV or Excel file, even if it’s hundreds or thousands of trucks at once! This will shave precious minutes off of your filing time!
  • Gross Vehicle Weights: Selecting the appropriate weight category is critical for paying the right amount of tax. To determine your vehicle weight, add the unloaded weight of the truck with the empty weight of the trailer, plus the maximum load weight it customarily carries. And there you have it!
  • Payment Info: When E-filing, you’ll enter two forms of payment. While you can pay our E-filing fee with a credit card, the IRS does not accept them. You can elect to pay your truck taxes by Direct Debit, EFTPS through the government, or by Check or Money order. 
3. Select the correct First-Used Month– July! For all renewals, the first-used month is July, even if you’re filing in August or September. Only choose a later month if the vehicle is purchased later in the year. An incorrect first-used month will lead to an incorrect payment amount.

4. Indicate whether your trucks are used for Logging. The term “logging” only refers to those trucks used to haul trees, not logging of miles or fuel. Again, choosing incorrectly here will lead to an incorrect amount of tax-owed.

5. If you’re a returning user, select vehicles from Truck Zone OR Copy a previous year’s return! These are two massive time-saving features for our beloved returning guests! If you’d like to E-file for a select group of trucks, use our Advanced Search to locate them quickly, then simply click and add them to the return. No redundant data entry! Alternatively, you can copy a return from a previous year, while still making small changes if necessary. We’re not fans of unnecessary typing, who is?

6. Double-check your Info (while we check it too!). Before transmitting your return, you should always review your information to ensure it’s correct. And while you do it, we’ll do it with our Instant Audit feature! Thanks to this exclusive, our users have a 98% approval rate with the IRS!

7. Promptly mail your payment. After transmitting your return, the IRS expects prompt payment of your taxes. If you chose to pay by check or money order, mail your payment with the payment voucher (page 5 of your return) by the end of this week! If you E-file later in the year, the payment should be mailed at the end of the month following the first-used month.

8. Keep truckin’ with our Apps & mobile site! If you won’t have access to a computer today, you can still complete your E-filing mission! Using our new ExpressTruckTax tablet app for iPad & Android, you’ll experience the convenience of E-filing from any location. It’s free for download, and it’s just as easy as our site. And if you don’t have a tablet, E-file from your smartphone with our mobile site. We bring the E-filing to you, whenever or wherever you like!

9. Rejected Return? No problem. If your return is rejected for any reason, our Support Heroes will help you correct it! Then, you can retransmit it to the IRS for free!

10. Reach out to the Support Heroes! As quick and easy as our E-filing program is, we know that taxes can still be confusing. That’s why our Support Heroes are on stand-by, day & night!

Call us at 704.234.6005, strike up an online chat, or get 24/7 email support at Our talented team of truck tax pros can assist you in English, Spanish, & Russian. And we don’t believe in automated systems either. When you call us, you’ll always hear a happy helper on the other end!

With these 10 quick tips, you’ll be E-filed in no time, just before the buzzer! 


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