Save Money On Your Form 2290

You know what’s a good practice in the trucking industry? Penny-pinching! Saving anywhere you can really help out in the long run, and can actually make or break fleets trying to emerge into the market. Unfortunately, with the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 deadline you’ll have to pay the amount you owe or face hefty penalties. But don’t worry, we know a few ways to save on your HVUT.

Use These Tips To Save On Your 2290:

1. Take Advantage of Our Wallet Feature 

Before filing your HVUT Form 2290 see how many forms you actually need to file because with ExpressTruckTax you can purchase prepaid credits through their exclusive wallet feature. Each credit provides a 10% discount off of your filing fee, so the more credits you buy, the more you save. Don’t worry about purchasing more credits than you need, because they never expire and can be used next season. 

The credits save you time and money because instead of having to hunt down your wallet and enter in all of your card information, you can conveniently use your prepaid credit to pay for your form.

To purchase prepaid credits log into your free ExpressTruckTax account and you’ll see your wallet in the top right corner. Click the orange ‘Buy’ button to purchase the number of credits you need.

2. Get A Refund Or Credit With Form 8849

After you file Form 2290 and pay the amount of HVUT that you owe you can file Form 8849, the Refund or Claim of Excise taxes form, which is used to claim refunds or credits on suspended vehicles and vehicles that were sold, stolen, or destroyed.

Suspended or credit vehicles are vehicles that don’t exceed 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) during the current tax period.

While filing your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax if your credit vehicles exceed the amount of HVUT you owe then Form 8849 will automatically be generated for you, and all you need to file is your name, address, and EIN. You’ll also need the information for your vehicle that you’re claiming a refund on, including details as to why, if your vehicle was lost, stolen, or destroyed, and the date that the incident occurred.

3. Avoid Penalties By Filing on Time

If you file late you could face a penalty of 4.5% of the tax due. To make matters worse that amount collects on a monthly basis for up to 5 months! Also, if you don’t pay the amount you owe then you’ll face another penalty of 0.5% of the amount owed per month. You’ll really save by filing on on time.

If you wait until just days before the deadline you could run into a problem that causes your form to be rejected and then counted as late if you can’t fix it by the deadline. For example, if you enter the wrong VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, or wait too late to apply for an EIN or Employer Identification Number your form could get rejected.

Luckily ExpressTruckTax makes it easy to fix any mistakes. If your form is rejected you’ll be notified almost immediately with notes as to why. Then you can easily make Form 2290 amendments, retransmit your forms to the IRS, and make free VIN corrections at any time. The sooner your pre-file, the sooner you’ll learn if your form has been rejected or accepted.

How To Pre-file?

You can create your free ExpressTruckTax account to access our step-by-step 2290 e-filing guide to complete your form in a matter of minutes today. Then as soon as the IRS stamps your Schedule 1 you’ll receive a copy via email. You don’t even need a computer to file, download the free ExpressTruckTax App to file on your smartphone or tablet from any location.

Also, you can call TSNAmerica at 803.386.0320 to speak with a representative who will pre-file your 2290 for you, over the phone. How does it get any easier than that? Plus, you’ll get a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 via email.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the outstanding ExpressTruckTax customer support team. We’re available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6005. We can also be reached via live chat and offer 24/7 email support at


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