Senate Approves Highway Funding Extensions

On Thursday, September 15th, the U.S. Senate approved a piece of legislation that will extend the funding of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as for federal highway programs. The funding for these programs would have been cancelled without this extension.  

The Transportation bill has been extended many times already, and a more permanent piece of legislation is needed. However, this extension will keep up to a million highway workers at work. A simple extension is better than letting the bill expiring, which would furlough thousands of workers as soon as the funding expired.  

This stop-gap measure will also provide the government with the ability to collect taxes on airline ticket sales through the FAA. The FAA incurred a partial shutdown for two weeks earlier this year which cost the government $400 Million in taxes associated with airline ticket sales.

The Senate was able to pass the pill with a large margin of 92-6. This was largely due to some last minute negotiations by Sen. Barbara Boxer. Sen. Boxer is the chairman of the Senate Public Works Committee, which oversees the highway programs. Boxer negotiated an agreement between Republican senators Rand Paul and Tom Coburn due to their concerns of wasteful spending. This aided to avoiding a last-minute obstacle to the passage, because the FAA funding is set to expire this Friday (September 16).

John Crawley, a reporter for Reuters, had the following to say regarding the current state of Capital Hill:

“It remains unclear ahead of an election year whether the House of Representatives, which approved the extensions earlier this week, and the Senate can come together on the bigger bills before the next renewals are due.

The charged political climate in Washington is largely fuelled by partisan divisions over spending, taxes and budget deficits. The transportation bills would require several hundred billion dollars in funding over several years.”

Although it may be difficult to foresee how our elected officials will work together in the future, it is nice to see a healthy negotiation to pass a bill that the American people need.  

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