September Trucking Events!

Now that the Form 2290 deadline is behind us, it’s time for a hefty dose of fun! You’ve earned it, Trucking Nation! 

Fall is creeping up on us, and the beautiful month of September has just begun. Which means it’s time for another installment of this month’s best Trucking Events! September is full of some good

ones, featuring wacky hijinks like mechanical bulls and forklift rodeos. Believe me, you will not want to miss these events. And one of them begins today!

There’s no time to waste, so let’s dive right in…

  • The Big Iron Classic kicks off today in Kasson, Minnesota. But don’t worry, the fun extends to tomorrow also! This event is free of charge; however, donations are encouraged as this truck show is one of Minnesota’s biggest charitable contributors! (They collect toys for kids, so bring one along to drop in the collection box.)

    If you can make it tonight, check out the Light Show and watch hundreds of big rigs light up the night sky! Not only will you get to see over 600 semi-truck tractors and trailers on display, but there’s a truck-pull competition too. Feast your eyes on two diesel trucks kicking up dirt and vying to pull a weighted sled, which only digs deeper into the mud as time goes by! Tomorrow morning, watch the “Parade of Big Rigs” through Mantorville, and in your down time, enjoy the live music from local bands. There’s no better way to relax this weekend if you’re trucking through the Midwest!

  • If you’re in the Northeast this weekend, stop by the NFI Regional Truck and Forklift Rodeo this September 6th in Allentown, PA. They had me a “truck rodeo”! This is a national tradition for NFI employees and their families, providing the opportunity to come together and celebrate their most skilled, safe drivers! Watch forklift and truck drivers alike deftly maneuver an obstacle course. Those who demonstrate the greatest skill are attention to safety will be awarded trophies! Plus, the grand prize winner usually gets a monstrous prize, like a car or a Harley bike! Who knows what it will be this year! Bring the kids along, too. They’ll love the bouncy castle, tricycle-race course, and face painting. And everyone will love the food & live music!
  • Shout out to my home state of New Jersey (Holla!), hosting the U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals September 13th at Raceway Park in Englishtown. This event truly has it all: drag racing, monster trucks, even TV stars from the show Ice Road Truckers! And it’s all packed into one adrenaline-pumping day. There will be over 1,500 diesel trucks in attendance both showing, AND racing! Plus a pack of wild monster trucks featuring names like “Iron Warrior,” “Overkill Evolution,” and “Black Stallion.” The names say it all. This Motorsports Spectacular is sure to live up to its title!
  • Rounding out the end of the month is the Guilty by Association Truck Show, a Chrome Shop Mafia official event in Joplin, Missouri on the 26th-27th. This event caters to the laid-back trucker, there’s no judging or awards given! Simply bring your truck as is, no matter the age or make, and shine it up & show it! They’ll have antiques to late model semi’s, and everything else inbetween. When you aren’t looking at all the big, shiny trucks, enjoy the live music and food, or have a go at the mechanical bull (probably not in that order!). They’re also slated to have a fireworks show, StrongMan Competition, and what trucking event would be complete without a Truck & Tractor Pull!

These are some of the best events we’ve seen yet, Trucking Nation. If only we could go to them all! If you’re lucky enough to hit any of these hot spots this month, send us pictures! ExpressTruckTax is always looking for user photos of trucks & more. Your shiny beast of the road just might be featured on our Twitter & Facebook pages.


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