Simplify Form 2290 for your Drivers by Partnering with ExpressTruckTax

Learn how you can simplify Form 2290 for your drivers by partnering with ExpressTruckTax.

Attention trucking companies big and small! Are you looking for a solution that allows your owner-operators to easily file their Form 2290? Do you want your owner-operators’ Stamped Schedule 1 sent directly to you? Look no further than ExpressTruckTax. ExpressTruckTax has helped over 300 trucking companies create personalized portals for their owner-operators to file their Form 2290. Keep reading to find out how your company can partner with ExpressTruckTax and have a Form 2290 filing portal that your owner-operators can file their Form 2290 through.

What is Form 2290?

Form 2290 is an IRS tax form that must be filed by drivers of vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more annually for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Upon filing Form 2290, drivers will receive a Stamped Schedule 1 needed to obtain a vehicle’s tags and registration. It is also essential for drivers to keep an updated copy of their Stamped Schedule 1 in their trucks in case they get pulled over. The Stamped Schedule 1 serves as proof of filing Form 2290. 

How can ExpressTruckTax help Carriers and Associations?

Trucking companies that have any number of owner-operators struggle to have their drivers file and send them their Stamped Schedule 1 in order to stay compliant with the IRS and renew vehicle plates. Getting each driver to send in their Stamped Schedule 1 can be a challenging task, especially with numerous owner-operators. 

In order to simplify the process, ExpressTruckTax offers specialized portals for each carrier. These portals are free to the carrier. Simply share the link with your owner-operators and once they file through the portal, their Stamped Schedule 1 will be sent to the company they drive for. The portal will feature the company’s logo and the URL name will match the name in the carrier’s URL followed by 2290.

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