Sold a Vehicle? This Is How You Get Credit

So you bought a new truck this year, and you sold your old one. We know you love riding around in that brand new shiny rig—I mean, who wouldn’t?

But the ghost of your old truck is still hanging around, haunting you at every turn. All that time and money you spent, gone. Oh wait, that’s not a ghost, that’s just the old heavy vehicle use tax you paid before you sold that truck. Can you get that back?

Sure, in a sense—you can claim a credit with ExpressTruckTax. How do you go about claiming credit for a sold vehicle? Just e-file Form 8849, Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes!

What is Form 8849?

If you filed Form 2290 on a vehicle you’ve since sold, filing Form 8849 Schedule 6 will get you credit for the sold vehicle. If your truck was stolen, or destroyed, or maybe you didn’t realize it was exempt, you can file Form 8849.

What do you need for Form 8849?

Anybody who needs to claim a refund can claim it with Form 8849. Remember, you need to have already paid your heavy vehicle use taxes before selling the vehicle to qualify. First, you need your correct name and address. Next, you need your EIN and the vehicle information you are claiming a refund for. Since you are filing because the vehicle was sold/stolen/destroyed, you will need the date the event occurred.

Say it in English

Well, when you sell a vehicle that already has the HVUT paid, the vehicle is covered until the end of the month of purchase. From then on, it’s up to the new owner to pay the vehicle’s HVUT. But as the seller, you simply need to e-file Form 8849 to claim your credit.

Remember to remind the buyer that heavy vehicle use taxes DO NOT transfer from one owner to another. They’re required to file Form 2290 and pay taxes on any qualifying rig.

Basically, as a seller you can be credited for the taxes you paid before you sold the vehicle, and the buyer owes the difference. As a seller, there are two ways to approach the credit. You can get the credit for the tax paid on your next Form 2290 filed, or the refund can be claimed through Form 8849, if you don’t want to wait until the tax period ends. If you’re reading this, something tells me you want your credit now!

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