Starting a Trucking Company? This is The Software For You

In order to manage your trucking business effectively you need this powerful TMS


Getting your authority? Building your own fleet? Either way, you’re going to have a lot more responsibility soon.

You’re going to need a comprehensive trucking business management software to keep track of loads, dispatches, invoices, expenses, and so much more.Thankfully, our sister product TruckLogics business management software has solutions for everything you could possibly need. Let’s talk about how TruckLogics can help you start a trucking company.

Starting a Trucking Company with TruckLogics:

Loads & Truck Dispatches

When you’re starting a trucking business, it needs to be flexible and mobile, able to go with you anywhere.With TruckLogics, you can organize all your loads and truck dispatches in one central location. And then with the TruckLogics mobile app, you can access and edit this information from anywhere.

Shipper, consignee, truck, trailer, driver, and payment information can all be recorded when you create a load. Additionally, with our ProMiles integration, you can estimate mileage for per-mile fees and truck and trailer service intervals.

Then, you can assign each load to a specific driver who will receive an automated notification of an assigned truck dispatch. Right from the TruckLogics mobile app, each driver can send updated check calls and communicate with dispatch while on the road.


Once the truck dispatch is completed, TruckLogics can generate an accurate, professional-looking invoice for your trucking business to send to your clients. It can be printed, emailed, or faxed.

Running LTL loads that you need to split up into multiple invoices for multiple clients? Not a problem. TruckLogics can do that too! They can even handle brokers and agents for your trucking business.

Truckers starting a trucking business with TruckLogicsExpenses

One big issue you will face when starting a trucking business is how to keep track of expenses while on the road.

TruckLogics gives you the ability to notate expenses like fuel-ups and food purchases from the mobile app. You can even upload photos of your receipts to access later.If you want to get serious about your bottom line, you can run automatically generated profit and loss reports like cost per mile and revenue per mile. All this will help you stay in the black.


One of the best parts about tracking everything in TruckLogics is that when the quarterly IFTA deadline rolls around, they will generate a report for you to file with.
As long as you have tracked mileage and fuel-ups for each truck, TruckLogics will do all the hard calculations for you.

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