Tesla Announces The Fully Electric Semi Truck

ExpressTruckTax reports on the Tesla Semi Truck Unveiling

Even during this busy holiday season major changes and new technology are coming to the trucking industry. It’s hard to keep up, even with live updates. The ELD mandate is right around the corner unless it gets a last-minute delay, LTL truckloads and less OTR hours are becoming more popular, and autonomous semis are embarking on highway tests.

What a crazy time to be in the trucking industry! One major thing that we had to report is the unveiling of Elon Musk’s new Tesla electric semi-truck, along with its specs and a few concerns drivers have about it.

The All Electric Tesla Semi Truck

After a long anticipated wait, Elon Musk introduced an electric semi into the electric vehicle world by revealing the all-electric class 8 tractor. This provides a new way to look at heavy commercial vehicles.

The Tesla semi is a day cab, that’s full battery powered. A single charge has a range of 500 miles while traveling at highway speeds at 80,000 pounds. Now you may be thinking 500 miles isn’t enough, but with regional trucking routes are generally less than 250 miles.

Also, Elon Musk suggests that you can charge your Tesla truck at the loading dock while your freight is unloaded. Also, Tesla plans to build charging stations across the nations to allow truckers a chance to pull in. However, there’s no word on how long adding charges to existing infrastructure will take. It’s also good to note that charging can be quickly done during a 30-minute rest break and shouldn’t be a time-consuming concern.

The truck was actually designed like a bullet to have optimal aerodynamics to save power and totally scraps the combustion engine. It’s powered by a battery that’s under the cab floor and is propelled by four electric motors and also has regenerative braking. The motors are positioned at each wheel end on the drive axles. It also has an electric drivetrain which is guaranteed to last a million miles.

The weight of the truck was not revealed, and some people worry about its power. Will it be able to haul freight through mountainous areas? Well, apparently while pulling 80,000 pounds it can reach 60 mph in about 20 seconds. It can also maintain 65 mph while going up a 5% grade when diesel trucks maintain about 45 mph.

ExpressTruckTax discusses Elon Musk's Tesla semi

Tesla vehicles may be notorious for being expensive, but this truck is not a ‘luxury vehicle’. It’s actually designed for cost-effective savings and is projected to run 20% cheaper per mile than diesel trucks. They will also require less maintenance.

Plus, with independent motors on each wheel, the truck can automatically adjust its torque to greatly reduce the risk of jack-knifing, which can be a trucker’s worst nightmare.

The Tesla Semi also comes with a few bells and whistles as it has two touchscreen displays that include the speedometer, heating and cooling controls, and video display for blind spots. The driver’s seat is also in the center of the cab to provide extreme visibility. The vehicle will also integrate with a fleet’s management system for routing support, scheduling, and tracking to provide live check calls.

What Do You Think About The Tesla Semi?

Do you want to hit the streets in this new electric semi truck or do you want to stick to all muscle and diesel like traditional trucking? If you are interested in getting this truck it will be available in 2019.

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