ThrowBack Thursday: National Transportation Week

It’s National Transportation Week, and for the Trucking Nation the team here at ExpressTruckTax thought you all deserved a special throwback to honor your role in the transportation industry. In today’s busy world, truckers operate the most amazing heavy haulers ever created, but back in the day the technology wasn’t so innovative. So buckle up (we wouldn’t want to get a ticket) and let’s go back in time to find out what trucking was like before all the fancy bells and whistles:

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Here is a Model AC by Mack. It was introduced in 1916 and had a chain drive rear axle. The AC Model quickly grew in popularity, earning a remarkable reputation for reliability and durability (this thing was a beast). This truck also made one great soldier, accomplishing nearly impossible military tasks for it’s time. Mack’s famous Bulldog identity was credited to the durability and success of this amazing machine. You had to be tough to ride around in a truck with no windows to protect you from the elements. 

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There is something extra special about that Mack Model AC. It might not have had all the technical advancements but man it’s just as impressive. The Model AC didn’t even need tires to do the job. Logging back in the day was no easy task and took some great engineering to get the logs from the forest to factory. Here you can see they laid out a [log] bridge and retrofitted the truck with driving wheels, like on a train, to stay on track. Who needs tires anyway, right?

Trucks were built for the hard life back then, I mean no windows, no tires, no cup holders. I don’t know how truckers did it, but they found a way. To the ingenuity and creative “MacGyver” skills of truckers, this Throwback Thursday is for you. Happy National Transportation Week!

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