#ThrowbackThursday with our New Partner: Jones Motor!

*Click, Clack*…*Click, Clack*…*Clickety, Clack*

As the dim streaks of morning light creep over the horizon, the night fog lazily rolls away. This sound in the distance, *click clack,* moves ever-closer, but you cannot yet see what it is.

Could it be the sound of coconut shells, clapped together rhythmically? No.
It’s a horse and cart, plodding down the cobblestone path on its way to deliver sugar to the town bakery.
This is the dawn of the trucking industry, which began not with trucks, of course, but with literal


So for another very special #ThrowbackThursday, we’re rewinding all the way back to the 1800’s to the birth of the trucking industry! And believe it or not, the oldest major common carrier in the United States is still alive and kicking today, and they’re now one of ExpressTruckTax’s partners!
Jones Motor began in 1894 with just one sturdy horse. Flash forward to 2014, Jones Motor is a multi-million dollar group of transportation companies. But they haven’t forgotten their roots!
Founded in the late 1800’s by John Jones, an immigrant from Birkenhead, Wales, it was then just a small local hauling business in Spring City, Pennsylvania. This one-horse operation went by the name of Jones Drayage Company. Now in their second century of business, a lot has changed, but their core values have not. Jones Motor is defined by their ability to evolve and set-apart by their respect for the owner-operators that keep their business thriving. In fact, their core company is still an exclusively owner-operator driven carrier with flatbeds and vans.

It takes a special kind of business to keep growing over the course of a century. It isn’t accomplished by being content with the old-way of doing things. A progressive company, Jones is always looking for ways to innovate the trucking industry while helping their owner-operators, and that’s why they’ve partnered with ExpressTruckTax!

We use our expertise–building user-friendly, affordable software–to revolutionize filing Truck Taxes. We’ve streamlined the process through online E-filing, eliminating hours spent in the IRS office. E-filers are proven to make fewer mistakes on returns than paper filers. Plus there’s zero risk of paper cuts!

With our forces combined, the Jones Motor owner-operators will now have access to our premier HVUT Form 2290 E-filing solutions through Jones2290.com. With a discounted rate of just $8.91 for a single truck, there’s no better value on the market. As the industry leader in E-filing, ExpressTruckTax also comes with a slew of additional perks, like our Support Heroes! They’re available 24/7, offering assistance in English, Spanish, and Russian! Impressive, I know, but just wait until you see our program’s features.

    • E-file in just Three Easy Steps, it takes less than 10 minutes!
    • All of the taxes owed or credits due are automatically calculated for you. 
    • We also offer E-filing for Form 2290 Amendments, Form 8849 for credits, and more!
    • Store all of your vehicle info in Truck Zone, your personal digital garage, whether it’s 1 or 1,000 trucks! Makes E-filing year after year a breeze!
    • Our Instant Audit feature checks your return for errors before transmitting it. Our users have a 98% acceptance rate with the IRS!
    • FREE VIN corrections
    • Receive your Stamped Schedule I within minutes of E-filing.
    • We automatically notify your company that you’ve E-filed, and we send them a copy of your Schedule I.
    • Get alerts by email, text or fax, so you always know the status of your return and payment.

We’re honored to bring our world-class services to the owner-operators of Jones Motor! ExpressTruckTax offers these benefits and so much more! You have to see it to believe it! So head over to Jones2290.com and try it for free today!

If you’re new to E-filing, call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005. They’re also available by online chat or via 24/7 email assistance at support@expresstrucktax.com. With less than a month until HVUT is due, you’ll be E-filing just in the nick of time!


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