Tips for a Cozier Cab

You’ve made it to #ThursdayFunDay, Trucking Nation! The weekend is nearly here. (I can hear my bed calling my name!) As tempting as it may be, let’s not fritter the time away, lounging and watching TV.

Come Saturday, put on your Weekend Warrior hat and spend a little time sprucing up your living space, the cab and sleeper of your truck!

Your truck is your home away from home. With your seemingly endless hours of work, it’s crucial that you get some R&R and spend your downtime somewhere fit for royalty!

So get ready for an extreme makeover—Trucker Edition!—with these 4 tips for a Cozier Cab.

  • 1. Curtains: Most trucks already have a curtain dividing the cab from the sleeper. But why cut your living space in half! By placing curtains around your cab windows and dash, you’ll have double the room to live and still maintain your privacy! As a bonus, if you use blackout curtains, you’ll sleep like a baby without all of that ambient light leaking through!

    I know what you’re thinking, “But how do I hang them?” With just velcro and fabric, you’ve got some inexpensive curtains that are easy to put up and take down at your leisure. Now you can roam around the cab without fear of others seeing your ninja turtles PJ’s. (Which I think are totally cool, by the way.)

  • 2. Throw Rug: This is both decorative and functional. A nice, soft little rug will not only make your feet feel at home, but it’s easier to clean too! A bathroom rug should fit perfectly. If crumbs start to collect, simply take the rug outside and shake it out! If you spill something ooey or gooey, cleaning your little throw rug will be much easier than trying to scrub the floor of the cab. Just hose it off! Plus it’s disposable if the spill is just too catastrophic to clean. 
  • 3. Mattress Topper: Truckers need to make the most of the few, precious hours of sleep they get between shifts. But the sleeper beds may not always be the comfiest place to catch zzz’s. For a quick, inexpensive fix, lay down a memory foam mattress topper. Those few inches of cushion can make a world of difference for your back! They also sell memory foam pillows, if you’re feeling extra fancy. Bonus points for tossing a few colorful throw pillows on top. 
  • 4. Keep it Spick & Span: Cleaning may not be your idea of “fun” (unless you’re Monica from Friends). But just a couple minutes can make a huge difference because thankfully, your space isn’t that big. When our living spaces are clean and organized, it gives us mental clarity and a positive mood boost. Conversely, a cluttered, junk-filled space can drag us down. No one wants to open the cab door and have an avalanche of fast food containers tumbling out! In addition to stashing a small trash can somewhere, invest in a hand-held vacuum. It’s just the right size for you space and takes 2 minutes to run around. 

These 4 tips are just the jumping off point! There are infinite ways to customize your cab and make it feel like home sweet home. So how do you make your cab cozy: pics, fans, flat screens, string lights? The ExpressTruckTax Team is dying to know….


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