Trucking Safety Tips For Hurricane Season

Stay safe during hurricane season!

As many may know, hurricane season is upon us and impacts many areas across the United States. The trucking industry often takes truckers across the country, so many might have to drive through these hurricane-prone areas. If this is the case for you, it is essential to know some safety tips before you go. 

With today’s weather-detection technology, it is unlikely that a hurricane will sneak up on us so often that we know in advance that a hurricane is approaching and its projected path. This gives us time to prepare for the harsh weather conditions that are caused by hurricanes. Below you will find some helpful tips for staying safe during a hurricane if you do end up having to drive through affected areas.

1. Packing the essentials. It is important to pack your truck with essentials such as non-perishable food and water, a flashlight or headlamp, a portable phone charger, different types of batteries, rain gear, and any blankets and warm clothing in case the temperature drops. These are important items if you get stranded or stuck in your truck for a few days due to bad weather. 

2. Inspect your vehicle before departure. Before leaving make sure your truck is in proper working condition. It is recommended that drivers inspect the passenger and driver sides of the engine, the front brakes, front wheels, the steer axle and rear suspension, the side and rear of the cab, the drive shaft, the fifth wheel area, the front/side/rear of the trailer, and the trailer suspension before you depart. These are especially important during bad weather conditions so that you do not break down in the middle of a bad storm. 

3. Prepare for delays or changes in routes. When weather conditions are bad enough, roads will be congested for evacuation procedures and sometimes lanes will even be reversed to aid in this process. Bad weather conditions can cause traffic to move more slowly which will lead to delays and possible accidents. Try to find the best route possible or plan for longer travel times if no better route is available.

4. Be aware of weather and road conditions. Plan for last-minute route changes if a hurricane changes course suddenly. Also, pay close attention while driving for any hazards on the road like fallen branches, trees, and other debris. There is also a possibility of roads flooding and it is important to avoid these conditions. When driving on a ramp or turning, make sure to slow down. If weather conditions get too windy, it is important to know when it is safe to stop and pull over to avoid tipping over and hydroplaning. 

Here at ExpressTruckTax, we want to make sure your travels go smoothly and safely, especially during hurricane season. Make sure to check your vehicle before you depart and drive cautiously when weather conditions aren’t ideal and visibility is low. Be aware of weather announcements since weather can change so quickly. Make sure you follow these important tips and stay safe.


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