#TruckTechTuesday: Driver Safety

Happy #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation! Time to explore the growing world of big rig technology.

Technology for big rigs is still a growing market and many of the trucks and accessories are still in their concept phases, but that doesn’t make them any less cool.

And there are actually a lot of accessories on the market that help truckers with braking, visibility, backing up, and avoiding collisions with other drivers.

Meet the technology that is trying to make the Trucking Nation better!

Trucking Awesome (Truck Concepts)

Introducing the VolvoBeeVan, a somewhat miniature big rig that placed the driver at the center of the vehicle. 

The way Volvo designed this rig, the driver sits front and center. That means way more visibility and a much better view of the road. And it’s safety features are basically off the charts!

When a driver exits their vehicle, the doors slide open and reveal hidden steps that will help them to get their feed on the ground safely. Then inside the cab, the truck is insulated to shield the driver from the outside environment.

And it also includes a sleeper, dinette table, and some spacious personal storage. For Volvo’s new concept vehicle, the driver is the main concern and everything is done for their comfort and safety.

Truck Accessories

Since semi-trucks are so large, being able to see behind the trailer is often a difficult task. But Hawkeye has a solution for that: their wireless backup camera. 


They’ve been putting backup cameras on cars for ages, so why not trucks? It can help truckers visualize the great unknown (behind their trailer) much better than their large mirrors ever could.

The display is three inches high and it isn’t very invasive, especially in a big rig with a large cabin. And it’ll improve the safety of your vehicle!

Apps for Road Warriors

Managing a business on the road can be difficult. Keeping up with drivers, dispatches, goods, and paychecks is basically a nightmare. But at TruckLogics, they have the solution.

TruckLogics is a business management software (and smartphone app) that can help you manage your business virtually anywhere! It’s basically the ultimate solution to manage any trucking business.

The app can be used by both owner-operators, fleet managers, leased operators, and drivers. This allows for monitoring, real-time status updates and it helps you keep your records all in one place on their secure US-based server.

Get started today and manage your business with ease!

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