The Unspoken Rules of the Road

The unwritten rules of trucker decorum

As every trucker knows, there are many rules and regulations laid down by the DOT, CVSA, FMCSA, and every carrier. However, truckers themselves have been laying down their own rules of the road for some time now.

Don’t Take Your Time At The Pump

Every minute counts for truckers. Whether or not your load is on time ultimately falls on you. This is why taking your time at the pump to grab a ‘quick’ snack or venture off to the restroom for ‘a second’ matters. The trucker waiting to fuel-up is on a time crunch, like you.

Be Careful Where You Park

Taking up multiple overnight spots is just as inconvenient as using two sinks to was both of your hands. If you want respect as a trucker, you are going to have to give it.

What’s In Your Haul Stays In Your Haul

If you grew up with conservative parents you have heard the saying ‘what happens in this house stays in this house’. When you’re on the road, it’s no different. Discussing what you’re carrying may sound like a great way to make small talk with fellow truckers, but cargo theft is a real thing. You don’t want to make yourself a bigger target than you already are. To you, your cargo may not be all that exciting, but thieves can see plenty of opportunity in ‘free’ goods.

Make Friends, Play Nice

No, this isn’t grade school, but being courteous to a fellow trucker should be a given. Truckers spend long hours on the road and getting just a glimpse of positivity when traveling can make someone’s day/trip. Whether you are a veteran or fresh meat on the CDL, small gestures like helping another driver safely switch lanes is what makes trucking a real brotherhood.

Always Toot Your Horn

Someone pumping their arm a trucker hoping to hear an air horn may be the biggest trucking cliché there is. However, no matter what mood you’re in, it has to be done. It shows the public how fun truckers truly are. It’s called public relations and it’s a part of the job.

Give Your Jake Brake A Break

There are many truckers who don’t mind hearing ‘the song of their people,’ but we guarantee that there’s not one trucker who will commend you for using your Jake brake at 2 am. 

If you’re in a parking lot at 2 am, more than likely you’re surrounded by restless truckers attempting to get some shut eye before starting their long day over once again. It’s okay to give the Jake brake some rest as well. We know you’re a trucker there’s no need to tell people at the crack of dawn.


Develop these habits and you’ll be on your way to veteran trucker status in no time.


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