What information do you need to claim credit vehicles on Form 2290?

Have you filed Form 2290 and paid the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax for a vehicle and sold the vehicle before the end of the tax year? If so, you can claim a refund for the HVUT that was paid for that vehicle. You can also claim a refund credit on vehicles that were stolen or destroyed. You can choose to file a Form 8849 return and receive a refund or you can claim credits on these vehicles alongside filing Form 2290. In order to claim these credits there is some information you are required to provide in order to do so. 

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

In order to know which vehicle you are claiming a credit for, you must provide the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This is a unique set of numbers and letters that typically consists of 17 characters used to identify the vehicle.

Taxable Gross Weight

The vehicle’s Taxable Gross Weight is the total weight of the truck, the trailer, and the maximum load it can carry. The Taxable Gross Weight can affect the tax amount that is paid so it is important that you put in the correct weight so that you receive the correct credit amount for this vehicle.

First Used Month and Tax Year

A vehicle’s First Used Month refers to the month that it was first put on the road. This is important to note because this is also a factor that determines how the tax was originally paid for this vehicle. If a vehicle’s First Used Month is July, the tax paid will be for the full tax year. If the First Used Month is any other month of the year, a prorated amount will be paid for this vehicle for the remaining months of the tax year. 

Is it logging?

A logging vehicle is a vehicle that only hauls trees or logs from forested sites. If this describes the vehicle you are claiming the credit for, indicate that the vehicle is a logging vehicle. 

Was it sold?

If the vehicle was sold, you will need to provide the details of the sale including the date of sale and the name and address of the buyer. You will also need to provide an explanation as to why the vehicle was sold. 

Why ExpressTruckTax?

Claiming credits on Form 2290 is fast and simple with ExpressTruckTax. You are able to do all of this alongside filing your form. You also have the option to file Form 8849 in order to receive the refund for these vehicles but it takes a lot longer to process. Why wait several months to a year to get your refund? Claim your credit vehicles alongside filing your Form 2290 for your current vehicle and have it processed along with your current Form 2290. It’s as easy as that! What are you waiting for? File Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax and claim your refund for your credit vehicles today!


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