What Is The Best Way To File Your Form 2290?

Figure out the best way to file your Form 2290 and how to receive your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes!

The 2021-22 tax season is here and it’s time to file your Form 2290! The deadline to file is August 31st, 2021!

Don’t wait until the last minute! File now to avoid penalties and receive your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes!

But you may be wondering: “What is the best way to file my Form 2290?” There are multiple options to choose from when filing your Form 2290, but some are quicker and more convenient than others!

Filing By Mail

If you file by paper, you will have to mail the Form directly to the IRS, and there will be delays in the processing of your Form 2290.

The IRS sent out a postcard this year explaining that they suggest truckers file electronically rather than on paper. This is because the IRS is facing backlogs due to COVID that may delay the processing of Form 2290 and sending the stamped Schedule 1 back in a timely manner. 

The IRS back up, along with staff shortages, may cause a delay in receiving your stamped Schedule 1 by months!

We suggest that all truckers should e-file their Form 2290s in order to speed up the process and so you won’t face delays on your stamped Schedule 1. 

E-Filing with ExpressTruckTax

With over ten years of experience, ExpressTruckTax is the leading IRS-Authorized E-File provider for Form 2290. 

When you e-file your Form 2290, it will only take a few minutes to receive your stamped Schedule 1. As soon as the IRS accepts your Form 2290, ExpressTruckTax will send your stamped Schedule 1 through email or fax. 

ExpressTruckTax offers multiple features that are included with the low price of $9.90 for a single truck. We offer Free VIN corrections, a Free Mobile app, Bulk Information Upload, Instant Error Checks, and much more.

On top of all that, ExpressTruckTax also offers the ExpressGuarantee, which is our way of thanking truckers and presenting our dedication to working closely with every client. The ExpressGuarantee ensures that, if your Form 2290 is rejected by the IRS with any reason, ExpressTrucktax’s US-based support team will work continuously with you until the return is accepted, and you will never be charged for any retransmissions of the return. 

If the return is still not accepted for any reason, ExpressTruckTax will give you your money back – no questions asked. 

File by Phone with TSNAmerica

We know Truckers rarely have much free time, and we know you’d rather not spend that time filing a tax return form. If you find yourself not having time and not wanting to go through the hassle of filing yourself, then call ExpressTruckTax’s sister company, TSNAmerica

TSNAmerica is a full service e-file provider who will do all the filing for you, anywhere! They will gather your information and submit the forms directly to the appropriate state or federal agency for you.

When filing your Form 2290, TSNAmerica will ensure that it is done quickly, accurately, and you will still be sent your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes after it is accepted. 

TSNAmerica will happily handle all of your trucking takes while you focus on keeping the country moving!  To call TSNAmerica and start your filing process over the phone, visit TSNAMerica.com or call (877) 520-8540.

File your Form 2290 Now

No matter which option you choose to file, it’s important that you submit your Form 2290 to the IRS now to avoid any penalties.

ExpressTruckTax’s customer support team is here and ready to help you. The support team has extended our hours to 8am-7pm EST to ensure that they can help as many clients as possible.

File your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax here or call them at 704.234.6005. They look forward to making this tax season as quick and easy for truckers as possible!


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