Who’s Eligible for an HVUT Refund?

Welcome back, Trucking Nation! Let’s talk about what everybody likes about filing taxes: getting a refund! We all enjoy getting paid. Remember when you filed your Form 2290 with the IRS and paid your HVUT? Well, you may be eligible for a refund under certain circumstances. Let’s look at how to know if you’re eligible.

Refund Eligibility

There are a few cases where you will be eligible for a refund of your HVUT tax:

  • A stolen, destroyed, or sold vehicle
  • A vehicle you drove less than the mileage limit (5,000 miles or 7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles)
  • Overpayment on Form 2290

You will not be eligible for a refund if:

  • You sometimes drive at a lower Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) than you reported
  • You used your vehicle only part of the year but still exceeded the mileage limit.

So you’ve determined that you qualify for an HVUT refund. What do you have to do to get it? Glad you asked! With ExpressTruckTax, it’s a very simple process.

How to e-file an 8849

If you filed your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax, Form 8849 will be generated automatically if you’re filing for a credit vehicle and the system determines the credit is greater than the tax amount owed on the return.

When your vehicle is stolen, destroyed, or sold, or you paid taxes on a vehicle traveling under the mileage limit for the year, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your ExpressTruckTax account.
  • Click on “Start a New Return” and then “Start” under “Form 8849 Schedule 6.”
  • For any trucks stolen, destroyed, or sold during the past tax year, enter the VIN, GVW, the first month it was used, and the date each vehicle was sold, lost, or destroyed.
  • If you have any trucks that qualify for a low mileage credit, enter the VIN, GVW, and the first month used for each vehicle.
  • Now you can enter your overpayment credits. Just type in the date the tax was overpaid, the VIN, the amount of the overpayment, and a short explanation for the IRS.
  • Then just review your information, and we’ll estimate the amount of your refund.

That’s it! It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the IRS to mail your refund check. You’re all set!

We here at ExpressTruckTax are always ready to help with any questions you may have about any aspect of using ExpressTruckTax. Our dedicated support team is located in Rock Hill, SC, and available via phone or web chat Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 704.234.6005. You can also reach us at any time by email at support@expresstrucktax.com. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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