Are Y’all Heading To the Truckers Jamboree?!

We know that you’ve been working hard this summer, putting miles on the pavement, but if you find yourself passing through Iowa then it’s time to take a break at the Iowa 80 Truckstop for the 38th annual Walcott Truckers Jamboree. It’s gonna be a honking good time Y’all. You deserve a break to celebrate what you do for the economy by delivering essential goods all across the nation. Plus, tons of fellow members of the trucking industry and their families will be there as well!

Truckers Jamboree

The Truckers Jamboree is taking place from July 13th-July 15th this year and it’s hosted at the Iowa 80 Truckstop off of I-80 exit 284 in Walcott Iowa. This event started in 1979 in order to celebrate America’s truckers and is still going strong as a great place to be if you want to celebrate and learn about trucking.

While the event is a good time and an educational experience, at the end of the day it’s a way to thank truckers for all that they do. Heck, everything important to you from your first cup of coffee in the morning to your comfortable bedding at the end of the day was most likely on a truck at one point.

If you can’t make the event you should still put the Iowa 80 Truckstop on your list of places to go, because it is the largest truck stop in the world. It’s pretty much a trucker’s heaven filled with every service you could ask for, some of which, like the dogomat are open for 24 hours a day! You can get your pet groomed, get a haircut, go to the dentist, watch a movie, and more all at the same truck stop!

However, If you can make it to the jamboree then bring your sunscreen and prepare for one large action packed outdoor event. The event is so big that you’re allowed to bring your own golf cart to ride around the premises! Switching from a big rig to a golf cart almost sounds like a vacation of its own.

What exactly can you look forward to at this event? First of all, FREE admission and FREE parking, so why not check it out? Then there are a ton of events to check out, like an antique truck display, the super trucks beauty contest, trucker Olympics, and the Iowa pork chop cookout. Yeah, a pork chop cookout, so take a break from your trucking diet and enjoy.

There will also be tons exhibitors for you to visit and learn about what they do for the industry. You can relax in the evening with free country music concerts performed by Mary Sarah and Collin Raye. For the kids, there are carnival games and fireworks. There’s something for the whole family!

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