First Used Month: What Is It And How Does It Relate To Your Form 2290?

Find out what a First Used Month is and how it relates to filing your Form 2290!

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Filing Form 2290 is done when your vehicle weighs over 55,000 pounds. If your vehicle travels less than 5,000 miles a year or 7,500 miles if it is used for agricultural purposes, you still have to file Form 2290 but you don’t have to pay the tax because your vehicle is then considered suspended/exempt. No matter if your vehicle is suspended/exempt or not when you file your Form 2290 you have to enter your first used month. 

What is a First Used Month?

The words “first used month” will appear several times in ExpressTruckTax and when you are filing your Form 2290. What does it mean? The first used month refers to the first month that you put your truck on the road during the specific tax year and does not have to do with the date on your tags. The Form 2290 tax year is July 1 to June 30.  If a truck has been put on the road for the first time in the middle of a tax year then the month you put the truck on the road will be your first used month. If your truck has been on the road for longer, however, your first used month will be July. Your first used month along with the weight of your vehicle is what determines how much your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) will be once you file your Form 2290.

Why Use ExpressTruckTax to file Form 2290?

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