Creating an ExpressTruckTax Account: A Quick Guide for New Users

A new year is coming! Why not start it out right by E-filing your HVUT and IFTA with the easiest-to-use, most affordable E-filing program in the biz!
ExpressTruckTax is the fastest and most secure way to E-file for several truck taxes, including IRS Form 2290, 2290 Amendments, and Form 8849 for credits. If you’ve been paper filing, don’t be scared about the transition! It only takes a few minutes to set-up your account, and you’ll hit the ground running immediately. 

Becoming an ExpressTruckTax user is definitely a New Years’ Resolution that’ll be easy to keep. And I can guarantee, you won’t miss that messy paper filing!

What you’ll need to get started E-filing:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection (no paper or calculators required!)
  • Business name & address
  • EIN
  • VIN
  • Gross Vehicle Weight

Once you’ve gathered your documents, you’re ready to roll. Just head over to the New User section and create your free account in just minutes.

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Enter your name, phone number, email address, and a password of your choosing. Then choose whether you’d like to see the site in English or Spanish. 
  • OR to make account creation even faster, simply choose to login with your Facebook or Google + account. Just click on the icon at the top of the login page, then choose to allow ExpressTruckTax to have access to your account.
  • After successfully creating a login, you’ll be prompted to watch a quick orientation video. (Or you can skip it, up to you.) Just click the green “Begin” button to embark on your E-filing journey.

Step 2: Enter Business Details

  • Choose your business type from the dropdown menu. Select from LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.
  • Enter your legal business name exactly as the IRS has it on record. The business name must match the EIN record; otherwise, your return will be rejected.
  • Next enter your DBA (Doing Business As) name. Only enter if it’s different from the legal name registered with the IRS.
  • Here’s the big one. The EIN. The Employer Identification Number is required by the IRS for filing excise taxes. If you have a new EIN, it’s imperative that you wait at least 10 business days from the date it was issued. It takes the IRS a little while to register your new EIN in the E-filing system. Before that happens, your return may be rejected for an unrecognizable EIN.

    If you don’t have an EIN, please note that the IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers in their place. To register for your EIN, simply use the IRS website or call the IRS hotline at 1.800.829.4933. Or call our friends at Truck Services of North America and enjoy the luxury of having someone file for you! Just call 803.386.0320 or email them at, and they’ll take it from there.

  • All that’s left is to enter the business address and the information of the signing authority. The signing authority is the name of the person filing for your business. Whether it’s your CEO, bookkeeper, spouse, or a CPA, you must enter the individual’s name and title here.

Finished! Your account is fully locked & loaded, and you’re ready to start E-Filing! That process is easy too. You’ll just need to enter the VIN and gross vehicle weight for each vehicle (or use the Bulk Upload option to import all of your vehicle info from an Excel file).

Once you E-file, there’s no going back to paper-filing. After all, nothing beats experiencing the convenience of E-filing anywhere and any time, and the benefit of getting your stamped Schedule 1 emailed to you within minutes. No snail mail! You’ll be hooked for life, but at least it’s a healthy addiction!

If you need help setting up your account, we’ve got a whole team of dedicated E-filing experts ready to assist you. Our support heroes are available 24/7 from our headquarters in Rock Hill, SC. Call them at 704.234.6005 or email them at


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