Did You Know A Driver Shortage Is In Effect Right Now?

Truckers continuously strive to deliver necessary goods and supplies, even in the middle of a nationwide driver shortage!

Of course, we all may be aware that there is a large workforce shortage happening all over America right now. Help Wanted posters are hung up on the front doors of almost every restaurant, retail shop, and business around, but did you realize that there’s a shortage of truck drivers as well? 

Since the country has opened back up earlier this year, not many people have returned to work. This has caused a shortage of new truck drivers to assist in delivering important products throughout America.

Although the decline of drivers has stopped as people begin coming back to work, the lack of eligible drivers is still in effect and may cause delays or shortages of different goods. 

What Does This Mean?

This means that truckers have been working extra hard to make up for the shortage of help. America still relies on truckers to transport important goods like food and medical supplies to all of us, so not having as many drivers on the road as we’re used to will limit how much goods can be transported. 

With the decline of truckers on the road, it is difficult for companies to increase their volume of transport since there are not enough drivers to deliver it. This may be the cause of shortages at grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants. 

Many of these drivers are also transporting important disinfecting items and medical supplies to keep battling COVID-19 like hand sanitizers, masks, vaccines, and much more. Without the continued efforts from these drivers, many hospitals would not have the supplies needed to continue to battle this illness. 

Thank A Truck Driver!

Our country is extremely reliant on truck drivers to continue to keep this country moving forward! The truckers that are out there working tirelessly to keep stores and restaurants stocked need to know that their hard work is much appreciated!

Everyone here at ExpressTruckTax would like to thank all of the drivers out there for their continued hard work during these difficult times. Your dedication and resilience are very much appreciated by all of us!


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