What Is ExpressGuarantee And Why Is It Important?

Learn more about ExpressGuarantee and how ExpressTruckTax makes sure you receive your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes!

The time to file your Form 2290 is here, and the deadline is fast approaching! Filling out your tax return form may be a hassle, if you don’t have your correct information.

No one wants to have to file forms more than once, but if your information is incorrect or doesn’t match up, the IRS will not accept your form. 

Luckily, ExpressTruckTax will guarantee your return will be successful and you will receive your stamped Schedule 1, or your money back! We will work with you until the problem is solved!

What happens if the IRS rejects my Form 2290?

The IRS may deny or reject your Form 2290 for a variety of different reasons. If your return is rejected, ExpressTruckTax will send an email detailing the problem and explain how you can fix this error.

Once you fix the error or mistake, resubmit your Form 2290 free of charge. With ExpressTruckTax, you can resubmit your form as many times as needed without any additional charge!

What Is ExpressGuarantee?

ExpressGuarantee is the assurance that, regardless if it was rejected, ExpressTruckTax will do everything they can to get the form accepted so you can receive your stamped Schedule 1, or your money back!

No matter how many times you need to resubmit your return to the IRS, there will be no additional charge to you! ExpressTruckTax will be there to help you along the way until we get it right! 

If, for any reason, the Form 2290 is still not accepted, we guarantee we will give you the money back for filling with us- no questions asked!

Why offer Express Guarantee?

ExpressTruckTax is the leading IRS authorized E-file provider for Form 2290 with over 10 years of experience! 

We value our clients for their continued support over the years and we are willing to do everything we can to get our clients their stamped Schedule 1 as quickly and painlessly as possible!

We are confident that our expertise and care will help every single one of our clients get their tax return accepted! As a result of this, our ExpressGuarantee is offered as a way of thanking our truckers for their continued support of us and our team’s commitment to working closely with each client to help resolve all errors!

File your Form 2290 Today!

File your Form 2290 with us today and receive your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes- we guarantee it! 

The tax season is open now! Don’t wait and file your Form 2290 today! 

Start your Form 2290 here or call 704-234-6005 to get in contact with our U.S based support team, who are always happy to help you!


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