Download “ExpressStats: Trends Among American Truckers” Now!

ExpressStats is a snapshot of information about our 600,000+ clients

This month, we are rolling out our first-ever monthly publication of ExpressStats: Trends Among American Truckers”.

ExpressStats represents a snapshot of information about the 600,000+ truckers who rely on us for their e-filing needs. It is an overall composite of general trends we are seeing and includes no personal information about any of our clients.

Instead, it is made up of aggregated data points like most popular truck brands, cities and states with the largest number of HVUT e-filers, and much more. 

We decided that with all the raw data that is processed through our system, we should be sharing that data with the trucking industry and helping you stay engaged and informed. 

Going forward, ExpressStats will be populated with even more great data that we source from our partners, including fuel purchase data, maintenance trends, and more.

To download the July 2020 ExpressStats: Trends Among American Truckers, click here. Simply enter your contact information and we will email you ExpressStats!


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