ExpressTruckTax For The Tax Professional

ExpressTruckTax is perfect for any Tax Professional. We provide specialty pricing and make it possible to manage unlimited clients from a single account. As a tax professional, your job is complicated enough and we want to make transmitting Form 2290, 2290 Amendments, and Form 8849 Sch 6 the quickest and easiest e-filing process you have to do.

The e-filing procedure is a little different for a tax professional, so let’s take a closer look…

Form 8453 EX
This form is known as the Excise Tax Declaration for an IRS E-Filed Return. Sounds so fancy right? Form 8453 EX is a declaration by a taxpayer to authenticate an electronic Form 2290 and authorize an intermediate to transmit the return using a third party transmitter (i.e the tax professional). Simply put, this form is used by a tax preparer to file on someone’s behalf.

A Tax Professional in the Trucking Industry
Every owner/operator and trucking company will have different tax and compliance needs. Some will need interstate compliance instead of intrastate, some trucks are only used for logging, some trucks won’t go over 5,000 miles, there are many variables that dictate what needs to be filed. So drivers and company owners will look for a processing agent or tax professional to keep all their needed documentation and compliance requirements up-to-date.

On Form 2290, you will need to gather the usual business information from your client (EIN, business name, and address). But you will also need to know information about your clients truck(s) – VIN, gross weight, if is used for logging, if it travels more than 5,000 miles, and if it used only for agriculture. It is always good to have the IRS hotline numbers:

                    IRS EIN hotline: 1-800-829-4933
                    IRS 2290 hotline: 1-866-699-4096

When you do have questions or run into a problem, we have an amazing support team always ready to assist you. Contact us via phone: 704.234.6005 or 24/7 email:


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