ExpressTruckTax: Meet Our Team

Have you ever found yourself asking – why use to e-file my Form 2290? Today, my dear Trucking Nation, I am going to answer that question.

Other than providing Advanced Filing of Form 2290 and a complimentary 10% off your filing fee with promo code: EARLY10 – offer ends June 30th – ExpressTruckTax has an amazing support team. When I say amazing, I honestly mean it. Not only does this team provide you with award winning customer service, they do it in 3 languages. They can help assist you in English, Spanish, & Russian. This team has not had a problem that could not be solved, or a question that could not be answered…are you ready to meet them?

Let me be the first to formally introduce you to our ExpressTruckTax Team

Charles – Director of Tax Products
Charles is the Voice of ExpressTruckTax on YouTube, enjoys nothing better than a bag of boiled peanuts (who doesn’t?) and is a 3 time Office Charades Champion.

Moises – Support Manager
Moises is proud to be from the Dominican Republic, holds the Senior Chair of the Exclusive Party Planning Committee (seriously, I couldn’t make that up if I tried), and provides support in Spanish & English.

Elena – Sales Manager
Elena has traveled around the world twice (according to her frequent flier miles statement), she can assist you in English & Russian, and she can cook a delicious meal with only a microwave (that’s skill!).

Meet Charles, Elena, and Moises in our latest video….

Bryan – Account Manager
Bryan would put Eric Clapton to shame in a guitar duel, and his hometown (Irmo, SC) claims fame to being home of the “Okra Strut” (don’t worry, we don’t know what it is either) and drives a Man-Van like a boss.

Patti – Account Manager
Patti loves a good adventure, teaches Kindergarten Sunday School every week (so don’t get sassy) and believes no outfit is complete without a smile ( and the right jewelry). 

Kay – Support Specialist
Kay ( or as I call her Miss Kay) can provide customer support like no other, is the only person in the office (besides myself) who is a big fan of tomato sandwiches with Duke’s Mayo, and she is the official “Nickname Presenter” in the office (she presented me with the nickname: Rosie)

Heather – Support Specialist
Heather claims The Fast and the Furious series was based on her life story, she holds the title of “Pickiest Eater” in the office (but can be persuaded to try new things on occasion) , and loves to create apps in her spare time. Oh, and she specializes in assisting you with any problem in under 5 minutes, seriously time her and you will be amazed. 

John – Support Specialist
John is certain that his hometown’s “Pelion Peanut Party” would put Bryan’s “Okra Strut” to shame (let the rivalry begin!), owns a small fortune in bow-ties (because they are cool, Dr. Who said so), and enjoys the fine dining provided by Taco Bell. 

When e-filing your Form 2290, VIN correction, or filing an amendment, rest assured that there is a great support team always available to assist you. You can contact the ExpressTruckTax Support Team via phone: 704.234.6005 or email:


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