How You Can File Your Form 2290 In A Single Click

Check out our Ready Return feature

Here at ExpressTruckTax, we want to make sure that you can deal with your heavy vehicle use taxes as quickly as possible! That’s why we offer our “Ready Return” feature.

Ready Return allows those who filed with ExpressTruckTax last year to fill and file their Form 2290 for 2020 in a single click!

Here are two questions to ask before you’ll be able to create a Ready Return.

Did you file Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax last year?

In order for us to populate your Form 2290 for 2021 automatically for you, we’ll obviously need your information. 

The magic of single-click filing is only possible if you filed 2290 with us last year. And unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine (trust us, we’re working on it), but we do have the next best thing.

We have a 2290 e-filing process that only takes a few minutes anyway! Just enter your business details, truck information, and you’re practically done!

Do you have the same truck as last year?

For the easiest filing experience, you’ll need to be using the same truck in the same weight class as last year. That way, we can just copy and paste your information.

However, if a small detail about your truck has changed, you can always edit your Ready Return before filing. 

What can we say? We’re nothing if not helpful!

Transmit your 2290 return today!

file form 2290 now with expresstrucktax


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