How To Fix IRS 2290 Rejections

It’s easy to get your Form 2290 accepted with ExpressTruckTax

So, you filed before the Form 2290 due date!

But you get a notice that your IRS 2290 was rejected.

Don’t stress. There are many reasons that the IRS rejects returns, and we’ve got a fix for each one. Here’s all the information you’ll need to correct your IRS 2290 highway use tax as quickly as possible to avoid penalties.  

Form 2290 Rejection

Common Reasons for Rejection

In order to fix your 2290 highway use tax and get an updated Schedule 1 Form 2290, you’ll need to find the issue.

There are multiple reasons for Form 2290 rejection including:

1. EIN and Business Name Mismatch

If the EIN you entered does not match the information the IRS has on record, you can call the IRS Excise Hotline at 1-866-699-4096 to determine what information they have.

If your EIN is brand new, it will likely be rejected because it takes about 10 business days for the IRS to register a new EIN in their system. The reported reason for rejection will be: “EIN does not match business name”. Once your EIN is registered, simply retransmit your return.

2. Routing Transit Number Rejection

If you chose to pay your 2290 highway use tax by Electronic Funds Withdrawal, your bank routing number was required.

If your IRS 2290 was rejected because the wrong routing number was entered, simply correct the routing number and re-transmit your return to the IRS.

*Note: If you notice a routing number error but your return was accepted, contact the IRS.

3. Duplicate Filing of IRS 2290

This type of rejection means your IRS 2290 was already filed and confirmed by the IRS, and that a second 2290 was submitted on your behalf.

Correcting and Retransmitting Form 2290

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