Are You Actually Filing Your Form 2290 For The Lowest Price?

What you need to know to avoid paying too much

Many Form 2290 e-file providers claim to offer the “lowest price” but actually conceal their fees so you end up paying more.

Some offer “promo codes” but still charge you $40 or more. Others do not have proper security measures and may be endangering your business information. 

So when you find a Form 2290 provider who claims to have a low or discounted price, be sure you ask some questions before you file with them.

What to ask to avoid high prices from cheap Form 2290 providers.

1. What services are actually offered?

The vast majority of Form 2290 e-file providers do not offer support of any kind. If you have a question about filing your 2290 or about their e-filing interface, there is no way to get an answer.

Plus, if you’re paying for e-filing, you ought to receive things like free VIN corrections and an instant audit of your return. You shouldn’t even have to wait on your stamped Schedule 1.

You should expect features like these if you are paying a service for e-filing. If it’s costing you money, it ought to be better, faster, and easier than just filing by yourself on paper.

2. Is there customer support?

What if you have questions about filing your Form 2290? What if you aren’t sure what your First Use Month is? What if you need more information about EINs? You will need live, local customer support that will actually pick up the phone and help you through the filing process. 

At ExpressTruckTax, we offer 100% US-based customer support in both English and Spanish from 9 am to 6 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Give us a call! We will answer any questions you may have.

3. Is it secure?

In order to securely protect your information, websites need to be built with certain security measures in place. Without industry-standard security measures, it will be like an open season for your business information. 

Here is how ExpressTruckTax keeps your Data secure.

4. What is the ultimate price?

Be wary of Form 2290 providers that offer promo codes. It may seem that by taking advantage of discounts like these, you will end paying the best price. However, if their normal price is $40 and they are offering a 10% discount, you will still end up paying $36.

This is still, even with the discount, nearly four times the price of most Form 2290 providers. For instance, the pricing at ExpressTruckTax starts at just $9.90 for a single vehicle.

You shouldn’t be paying that much for a Form 2290 filing. Click here to know what services and features are included for $14.90.

ExpressTruckTax offers secure, affordable, and quick e-filing with real, 100% US-based customer support. 

File your 2022-23 Form 2290 and get your stamped Schedule 1 back in minutes.