Great Gift Ideas for Truckers This Holiday Season

It’s December, so you know what that means! It’s officially the holiday season. During the holiday season, everyone wants to give gifts to their loved ones. If you know anyone in your life who is a trucker, below you will find a helpful list of practical gift ideas you can give them this holiday season! 

Snow Shovel

With winter weather comes lots of snow in many places across the country, so it is important to be prepared. If a truck is parked and it is snowing there is a good chance that you will need a snow shovel to help with the snow around the truck. There are some with retractable handles for easy storage in trucks.

Emergency Blanket

In very cold conditions it is important to have something to bundle up with when pulled over. An emergency blanket can be an essential item when stopped in very cold weather.

Road Flares/Emergency Lights

It doesn’t matter the weather, if it is dark and you have to pull your truck over either for a flat tire or engine troubles it is important that you and your truck are visible to other drivers. This is why road flares and emergency lights can be essential to any trucker.

Head Lamp 

You never know when you need to repair something in your truck in the dark. Having a headlamp avoids you having to hold a flashlight while also trying to repair something. It is better to be safe than sorry, so that is why headlamps make perfect gifts for truckers. 

Hand-Cranked Emergency Radio

If truckers find themselves in a situation where they have to conserve power when pulled over, instead of having to turn on their truck, a hand-cranked emergency radio comes in handy. Radios can make you aware of news and weather emergencies so it is great to stay informed.


Another great practical gift for truckers includes tools. Tools can be important for emergency repairs to the truck or even for emergency situations where a window needs to be broken and a seatbelt needs to be cut for extreme emergency situations where you need to make a quick escape from your truck.

Happy Holidays from ExpressTruckTax

Any of these useful items would make a great gift for a trucker in your life. You never know when they would need to use these tools in their day to day so it is better to be prepared for the worst than underprepared. No matter what you give a trucker this Christmas, the entire team at ExpressTruckTax wishes you a very happy holiday season!


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